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Top 30 Houseplant Care Hacks That Will Make Them Thrive

Have you ever walked into a room and felt instantly uplifted by the sight of vibrant, healthy houseplants? As a passionate houseplant owner, I know the joy they bring. But I’ve also experienced the frustration of seeing my beloved plants struggle with wilting leaves, yellowing, or sparse growth. It can be tempting to reach for […]

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This Vacation Rental Host Is Calling Out His Peers For Their Ridiculous Cleaning Fees, Chore Lists, And Attitudes

“Too many hosts treat PAYING guests as if they are doing them a favor by renting them accommodation. These are not friends crashing in your guest room. Like it or not, you are in the hospitality business, be hospitable.” There is no shortage of stories from disgruntled vacation rental guests who’ve encountered misguiding listings, rude hosts, dirty […]