Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
March 4, 2024 ·  11 min read

50 Wise Pieces Of Advice You Won’t Regret Listening To

These fifty pieces of wisdom are worth hearing. Most of them will come into play at some time in your life, even if they may not all be relevant right now.

1. Attend to your health.

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Your general health will be impacted by everything you eat and everything you do physically. This applies to both how you feel right now and after a few decades. Your future self will appreciate the effort if you continue to be active and eat healthily.

2. Have faith in your discernment.

Uncertain girl is looking at arrows. Girl full of doubts and hesitation.
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How often have you let someone else’s attempt to dissuade you from acting on your intuition in a particular situation? And how often have you made yourself feel bad for doing it? Have faith in your judgment and stick to it.

3. Acquire the ability to tolerate discomfort.

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You may certainly encounter difficult situations. Acknowledge when something seems “off” and stop feeling the urge to act immediately to make things better. 

4. Create effective coping skills.

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This complements the first piece of advice. There are a lot of things in life that might startle or disturb you. Effective coping strategies will enable you to handle them without breaking. 

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5. Adjust to evolving situations.

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Making plans is a terrific idea, but we can’t just assume that everything will go according to plan. Adapt to changing circumstances, prepare backup plans, and reschedule events as necessary.

6. Learn about who you are.

Thoughtful concept. Woman working on a computer at a cafe while gazing through the window glass.
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You will have a deeper understanding of who you are the more introspection you conduct. And if you have that feeling of self, it will carry you through many challenging situations.

7. Give up worrying about what people might say.

women said, woman listening to gossip
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Dress whatever you like, love who you love, and pursue your happiness. Individuals who hold affection and acceptance for you will do the same; those whose views are unimportant don’t truly count.

8. Consider each “failure” to be a teaching moment.

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It is unpleasant to fail, particularly when the failure is humiliating. Still, there’s a lot we can learn from what we consider to be failure. 

9. Make choices while keeping a full stomach and a clear brain.

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People have made a lot of bad mistakes when they were overcome by emotion. or agitated. Make sure you eat something and get enough rest before making a big choice. Proceed with the decision-making process only after that.

10. Don’t waste time debating foolish people.

Angry businesswoman arguing with businessman about paperwork failure at workplace, executives having conflict over responsibility for bad work results, partners disputing about contract during meeting
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“They’ll bring you down to their level and use their experience to beat you.” Consider all the time you have lost to disputes in comments on social media. 

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11. Accept that not everyone will be pleased with you.

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You will be miserable if you strive to make other people happy all the time. Whatever you do will make some people happy, some people angry, and some people offended. It’s alright.

12. Recognize your rage and make constructive use of it.

Angry man driving a vehicle
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Imagine that you are devastated when you are rejected from a job that you would be a wonderful fit for. Instead of screaming about this injustice, direct your energies toward something more constructive. similar to launching your firm and outperforming the organization that didn’t hire you.

13. Remember that there is no one better than everybody else.

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Even though they may have higher positions, managers or supervisors are still simply in a position of power. They are neither superior to them nor inferior to anybody else; 

14. Stay in the here and now.

Lonely woman sitting alone moments sunset.are Lovely. Style abstract shadows.silhouette. On Blurred background bokeh. light Fair. Let's Stay Together
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What happens to a motorist whose eyes are not fixed on the road and are instead fixed on the glove box, the backseat, or the outside window? Okay, so do you believe that it is better to maintain your attention on problems from the past or fantasies about the future than on the present moment? The future is only a fantasy, and the past is merely a recollection. Stay put; this is all we have to live for.

15. Rather than assuming, ask.

red, black and white Danger, Assumption warning sign
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Instead of asking questions, individuals have made assumptions that have led to many disagreements and even fights. The “assume –> accuse –> attack” strategy is used by many. 

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16. Acknowledge your errors and grow from them.

A two tones wall black and white , with wording I AM SORRY , I WAS WRONG , concept of true apology for making a mistake - expression or acknowledgment of responsibility for a bad outcome
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People who try to shift the blame for their mistakes onto others are not respected. On the other hand, people hold those who own up to their errors and then make genuine amends in high regard.

17. Make the most of challenging circumstances as teaching moments.

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At some point in our lives, we will all experience heartache, loss, and other forms of suffering. Life may be really difficult at times. Strive to gain knowledge from each event to improve yourself. This will assist you in avoiding the pitfall of being a victim.

18. Show your appreciation frequently.

Young woman showing her heartfelt gratitude and thanks clasping her hands to her heart with a pleased smile
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People who feel taken for granted cause countless relationships to end. A lot of people grow to feel entitled to other people’s behaviors, particularly those of their relationships. Never give someone the impression that you don’t value them. Rather, whenever you can, convey your gratitude. even about the little details.

19. Never stop learning.

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Learning and studying shouldn’t stop after you graduate from college. You develop new neural connections when you are always learning new things. As an adult, learning new movements, languages, and abilities can help prevent dementia, according to a study. You won’t ever have a cause to be bored, given how much there is to learn.

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20. Quit taking offence easily.

Woman is angry with man for working at laptop. Female takes offence at male. Man is sitting on the sofa and he is busy.
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Many people are quick to take offense at what they perceive to be another person’s words or conduct. Frequently, this occurs when someone misinterprets or misreads the actions of another and interprets them as a personal slight. 

21. Honour your commitments.

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Keep your word, even (particularly) when it’s tough to do so if you want to be regarded and trusted. You can never overstate the importance of personal integrity, and you will get lifelong benefits from building a reputation for reliability.

22. Your decisions, your life.

A pair of feet standing on a tarmac road with yellow arrow print pointing in three different directions for the concept of making decision at the crossroad.
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You are the only one who can decide what you want to do (or don’t do) with your life. You are entitled to make your own decisions about your lifestyle, relationship, profession, and medical treatment. You owe no one else an explanation of your decisions.

23. Listen and observe more often than you speak.

Eye of a woman observing the sunset in a sunflower field
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Being aware of and perceptive of your surroundings may teach you a lot. Speaking for the sake of speaking takes up time and oxygen and may produce more noise. Take note, evaluate, and use appropriate language when you speak.

24. Speak confidently and clearly.

Ambitious smart african black female employee speaking at diverse meeting share creative idea opinion at group briefing while jealous envious skeptical male coworkers looking listening to colleague
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This complements the previous piece of advice. To their disadvantage, a lot of people have acquired voice inflections they heard in the media. Being eloquent will get you greater respect and attention. You may use this to your advantage in court trials and employment interviews.

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25. Confront your anxieties.

ANXIETY word written on wood block
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Nobody enjoys suffering or adversity. However, running away from what causes us to feel scared or uneasy doesn’t make those feelings go away. Moreover, giving in to worry and dread typically results in increased fear over time. The good news is that we often overestimate how frightening some situations are in comparison to their true levels of fright.

26. Steer clear of your dislikes.

Body language. Disgusted stressed out beautiful young woman with hair knot posing at studio wall, keeping hands in stop gesture, grimacing, trying to defend herself as if saying: Stay away from me.
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The majority of us have known the despair and hatred that result from doing something we utterly detest. If you detest your work, it’s likely making you feel a lot of really bad things. 

27. Make a fantastic mattress purchase.

A woman in a white shirt and jeans in a mattress store. She examines the mattress she wants to buy. She squats and looks at the mattress
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Although this may sound weird, getting a good night’s sleep and receiving the right physical assistance may have a remarkable effect on your general health. Because you will be sleeping for around one-third of your life, make the most of your sleep.

28. Attend to different viewpoints.

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Many individuals are unable to relate to the ideas and experiences of others, therefore they quickly discard them. Recognize what other people are saying by learning to listen intently. They may be able to provide perspectives that you would not have thought about.

29. Things are not that significant.

We are not what we own - inspirational handwriting on a handmade paper, simplicity, minimalism, lifestyle and anti consumerism concept
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Yes, material possessions are nice to have, but in the end, they are meaningless. Would you run to the rescue of your partner, kids, and pets if your house was on fire? or fill bags with “things”?

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30. Helping others is always possible.

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Remember that no matter what you’re going through, there will always be someone else in need of your help. A thirsty plant can benefit greatly even if you merely drip a tiny bit of water.

31. Don’t make fun of anyone for their decisions.

hipster girl mocking someone dressed in a pink suit, isolated on white background
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Recall #22? That is true for everyone, and none of us has the authority to disparage others for choosing a different course in life. 

32. Give yourself top attention.

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This does not imply mistreating or disregarding other people. It implies that making time and space for oneself is crucial. If you need time alone, graciously decline an invitation. Instead of agreeing and then being bitter, learn how to say no.

33. Give a heartfelt apology.

Young woman apologizing upset frustrated man at home. Girlfriend asking boyfriend for forgiveness. Girl trying to convince guy to forgive her telling she regrets. Excuses, saying Iâ??m sorry, please
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As soon as you realize you made a mistake, sincerely apologize. No justifications or “I’m sorry you feel that way” remarks, please. 

34. Having something and not needing it is preferable to the opposite.

Plumber with a toilet plunger
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This holds for fire extinguishers and toilet plungers just as much as it does for a pantry stocked with medical supplies and canned goods. Just in case, make plans for what may go wrong.

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35. Act like a man. It’s a really simple yet valuable piece of advice.

Handsome man wear black suit
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Our actions can have far-reaching consequences, thus treating people disrespectfully or rudely will ultimately come back to haunt you. Show them the respect you deserve.

36. Acting now is preferable to living a life of regret.

Rear view at rich woman standing looking out of full-length window of luxury modern apartment or hotel room opening curtains in the morning enjoying sunlight and city skyscrapers view feeling happy
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Many senior citizens lament not saying or doing certain things while they have the opportunity. This is particularly true when it comes to traveling and communicating their feelings for the people they care about.

37. Focus more on the actions than the words of others.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words text on notebook with many light bulbs
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Trust altered deeds and mannerisms, not only verbal exchanges. Does the person fulfill their commitments? Do they follow through on their promises to improve after apologizing?

38. People’s treatment of you is an indicator of their self-esteem.

Chinese female student victim of bullying.
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Other people’s criticisms reveal how they feel about themselves. You are only a reflection of your self-perceived shortcomings.

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39. Practice well leads to perfection.

Football player training in soccer field. Young soccer player practicing ball control on training session.
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Make sure the techniques you are practicing are accurate. After that, put them into rigorous practice until you reach the proficiency level that gives you a sense of accomplishment.

40. Adjust your regimen if you’re not happy with it.

Woman checking the calendar
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Although routine has its uses, it may also seriously undermine people’s spirits. Change up your weekly schedule by scheduling activities for different days and times. 

41. What you do now will determine how you live the rest of your life.

A sporty woman in sportswear is sitting on the floor with dumbbells and a protein shake or a bottle of water and is using a laptop at home in the living room. Sport and recreation concept.
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Are you going to be organized or will you put things off? Which are you going to choose: hatred against other people or compassion and self-improvement? 

42. Before you start from scratch, do some study.

Woman Laptop Working Planning Thinking Concept
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Though others may have even better ideas, you could still have some excellent ones. Do a thorough investigation of everything, then decide whether or not you can expand on what you’ve discovered.

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43. Have confidence in your doubt.

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Understand that as you discover new information, your current understanding of the absolute truth may alter.

44. Don’t be intimidated by strong personalities.

Hard work does not intimidate me. Cropped portrait of an attractive young businesswoman standing with her arms crossed while in the office during the day.
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Many attempt to intimidate others by becoming more loud and forceful. In the same vein, wolves are silent and chihuahuas yap nonstop. 

45. Recall that the things you eat shape who you are.

Young man eating a healthy salad
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This applies to media and entertainment as well as food and drink. You should nurture and care for your body and mind like you would a priceless, holy kid.

46. Be mindful of your surroundings at all times.

Stressed schoolboy sitting away from people at school. He has a smartphone in his hand and is looking away with his hand to his face.
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Pay attention to your surroundings. If anything about a scenario is unsettling you, consider what’s behind that feeling. It is taking place for a purpose. Being mindful will enable you to act or react to events as they happen.

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47. Pick your partners wisely.

Loving Hispanic Couple In Countryside
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With our intimate relationships, we communicate a great deal of emotion and energy. You won’t regret many of your private decisions if you exercise discrimination.

48. Give trust time to develop.

Multiethnic group of young people putting their hands on top of each other. Close up image of young students making a stack of hands.
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Being amiable and considerate to others is acceptable, but exercise caution when deciding who to trust. Over time, people disclose who they are, and you can come to regret being overly forthcoming with the wrong people.

49. Show kindness wherever you can.

Parent and child hands handing yellow flowers
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It is inevitable for all living things to go through difficulty and agony, therefore strive not to be the cause of either. A random act of kindness may make a huge difference in someone’s life, and there is never a bad use of grace and tenderness.

50. Approach every day as though it were your last.

Side profile woman smiling looking up to blue sky celebrating enjoying freedom. Positive emotion face expression life perception success, peace of mind concept. Free happy girl
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Many waste their days thinking they have more time to spare. We may all be gone in 20 minutes or we could all only have 20 years to live. 

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