Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 14, 2024 ·  5 min read

24 Hilarious And Candid Tweets About Money (Or The Lack Thereof)

As much as we denounce money as being materialistic, it’s also necessary to live in the modern world. You can’t argue that it is the most efficient way to trade services and goods. However. at the same time, we can probably use a fresh look at how we personally and collectively, practically and philosophically, think about “money.” That’s kind of what these extremely funny Tweets about money are trying to do.

1. Who Do We Boycott?

Tweet 1

Nowadays, we quickly “cancel” celebrities whenever any kind of skeleton or dumb, out-of-touch statement from their past resurfaces. However, if you think about it, companies that pay minimum wage in exchange for 3+ years of experience are way worse.

2. Confidentiality

Tweet 2

Did you know that companies do not have any legal right to stop their employees from discussing their wages? Yes, so what the HR did was absolutely not illegal at all. Rather, it is quite effective at sending the message.

3. De-motivation

Tweet 3

You will find a ton of motivational posts on social media nowadays. They are all about how the grind leads to success. The reality, for most of us, is much more in line with this tweet about money.

4. Seeing The World With What?

Tweet 4

Some youngsters always seem to have enough money to go wherever they want. In comparison, older people are struggling to have enough gas to keep their cars running. Is it a difference in mentality?

5. Appropriate Clothing

Tweet 5

Sometimes, our curiosity gets the better of us. We stroll into a fancy-looking store with the hope that there must be something we can afford. Unfortunately, only the cruel reality and an awkward couple of minutes await us.

6. Can’t Be Safe Enough

Tweet 6

Look, we know it’s very unlikely that someone will get access to our accounts illegally through the ATM. However, as long as it’s not zero, we have to make sure those precious numbers stay where they are!

7. Tax Limits

Tweet 7

The IRS always seems to have a special vendetta against single people. It almost seems like it is a sin to have no dependents and earn enough money to live comfortably.

8. Swiping The Card

Tweet 8

Credit card swipe machines really do not seem like they give us enough time to complete the process. It’s either in or out, there is no in-between where you can carefully store away the card.

9. Luxurious Job

Tweet 9

At this point, with pay like that, the job is nothing less than a godsend. We would gladly brave whatever spirits that might come our way if we get paid enough to do so.

10. Parents Always Know

Tweet 10

Everyone who grew up in a family who was not that well-off knows about this struggle. Sometimes, the tendency to keep the real price a secret stays on even when you are buying stuff with your own money.

11. Quick Thinking

Tweet 11

When it comes to money, it is always about who can recognize the opportunities the quickest. OP’s brother definitely knew where the opportunities were and how to make the most of them.

12. What Is Education Worth

Tweet 12

We are told that college degrees are our best option for securing high-paying jobs. However, the reality is much harsher. So much so that we usually take any wage that lets us subsist daily.

13. Declined Card

Tweet 13

Your card usually is not supposed to decline when there is enough money in your bank account. However, credit cards work through credit limits and not whether you have money at hand.

14. Experience And Position

Tweet 14

An entry-level opening should, logically, mean you do not require any experience. However, more and more entry-level job postings prefer applicants with previous experience. If that is the case, then it does not remain an entry-level job.

15. Remembering Dates

Tweet 15

A lot of companies nowadays offer a free trial period to lure in new customers with an ongoing automatic subscription. Only the elite few remember to make the most of it, by canceling the free trial on the last day.

16. Financial Improvisation

Tweet 16

Desperate situations require desperate solutions. At the end of the day, they leave with a full belly. Albeit, the two can’t return to the restaurant ever again.

17. Generational Gap

Tweet 17

There continues to be a difference in how much something is worth between the generations. Or, some people just refuse to recognize that what is considered a “luxury” has changed with time.

18. The Nightmare of Healthcare

Tweet 18

This is a problem that is possibly the most nightmarish in the United States. With all the twists and turns of insurance, the healthcare system usually leaves patients wishing they did not survive instead.

19. Toll Tax

Tweet 19

As funny as this tweet about money is, toll taxes are important. However, we also pay a host of other taxes to ensure such basic amenities are maintained. How much money do the governments actually need us to pay?

20. Car Costs

Tweet 20

Just buying a car is not actually hard. It’s maintaining it to the point that it is always usable that becomes an enormous drain on the wallet. At times, you don’t even know when the cost happens.

21. The Different Kind Of Loans

Tweet 21

The idea behind student loans is massively flawed, mostly because of the amount and the interest. However, since they are less reluctant to give a loan that can be repaid more realistically, you have to doubt if something else is going on underneath.

22. Parents Can Never Seem to Understand

Tweet 22

This is another example of a generation gap. Parents or grandparents seldom manage to factor in the economic inflation that has taken place since their time. We get blamed as a consequence.

23. The Answer to Everything

Tweet 23

This tweet about money may look sarcastic. However, if you think about it, most of the problems in our lives get fixed if you throw money at it. Moreover, it is usually when you do have money that you encounter problems that don’t get fixed with it.

24. Mistaken Identity

Tweet 24

Most of us have been guilty of losing track of our accounts in certain months. When we finally get the bill, though, we wish it was a case of mistaken identity.