Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 27, 2024 ·  3 min read

This 16-Year-Old Ballerina With No Arms Is Proving Everything Is Possible

Recently, dance has become very popular, thanks in large part to shows like Dancing with the Stars that give skilled people a chance to show what they can do. They have a ballerina named Vitoria Bueno Boche, who goes by the Instagram name Vih Bueno. She is in a class by herself. At only 16 (now 20), this Brazilian beauty stuns audiences not only with her ballet skills but also with her mastery of many other dance styles, such as jazz, modern, and more. What makes her unique? That’s all Vitoria does without using either arm.

Overcoming Obstacles: Vitória Bueno’s Journey to Being A Star Ballerina

When Vitória Bueno’s mother first took her to dance class when she was five, she was worried that her daughter wouldn’t fit in. Bueno was born without arms, so her dream of becoming a ballerina seemed very unlikely. This was especially true in her small rural town in Brazil, where people were interested in her condition.

Vitória Bueno
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People would wait in queue outside the house to see her,” her 39-year-old mother Wanda said, still upset as she remembered how rude people were. “They’d pull her sleeves up to look.” When she was 16, Bueno worked hard to get better at her assemblés, pirouettes, and other difficult ballet moves. She learned more types of dance and added jazz and tap to her list of moves.

Through her regular attendance at the local ballet school in Minas Gerais and the popularity of her skills on social media, she has become an inspiration to many. Because of how skilled she is and how determined she is, she is an example to everyone in the dance world.

Defying Expectations: Dancing Her Way Through Life, Arms or No Arms

People might expect her to stand out in a dance group because of the way she looks. Still, she fits right in, giving off an air of ethereal ease and perfect performance. She posts videos on Instagram, where she teaches people how to dance, talks about her daily life, and even does her makeup with her feet. Vitoria Bueno Boche is strong and talented, and her mesmerizing dance draws people from all over the world in.

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She doesn’t let anything stop her. For Bueno, arms are just a small thing, she said at the theatre where she plays. “My eyes follow, as if they were there.” When watching her move gracefully across the stage in sync with her fellow dancers in a swirl of green and white, it’s easy to forget that she doesn’t have arms. In an article from Inspire More she also said, “I don’t feel like I need them at all.” Her trainer suggested she start ballet after noticing how naturally inclined Bueno was to dance as a child. Dance is now a big part of Bueno’s life, not just a dream come true of sorts.

Dancing Beyond Limits: Strength & Grace in Every Step

Her artistic training has given her strength and flexibility that help her with both her dance and everyday life. For example, she uses her feet to do things like brushing her teeth and choosing what to buy at the grocery store. Father of the girl, Jose Carlos Perreira, said, “She can do things with her feet that I can’t do with my hands.” She smiled and said, “We are more than our disabilities, so we have to follow our dreams.

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