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Mayukh Saha
April 17, 2024 ·  9 min read

40 Pics of Things You Don’t Often See

The world is full of wonder, but our everyday routines can sometimes make us forget that. To remind you of the interesting things around us, Bored Panda has compiled a collection of pictures that you probably haven’t seen before. Get ready to be surprised!

1. Indoor Town Retirement Home:

Doverwood Village
Image Credits: Reddit

Name of this spot: “Doverwood Village” In Hamilton, OH, there is a skilled nursing home. Seniors who live there get medical care 24 hours a day and the therapy care they need, which can include exercises for range of motion, training for gait and balance, and personalized exercise plans. Every day, the movie theater plays two movies. One old and one new.

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2. Magnified Sand

Magnified sand grains
Image Credits: Gary Greenberg

Gary Greenberg says that he is a scientist, author, teacher, and photographer who explores the hidden dimensions of nature to blend his love of art and science. “You can see nature’s secrets everywhere. “But they will stay secrets until they are told,” he wrote on his website. You can touch the wonders of nature, and you can see them clearly through a microscope. Nature is beautiful because it is aware of itself. We become aware of our connection to the world when we spend time in nature.

3. Golden Bee

Most likely a Cordovans Honey Bee
Image Credits: Reddit

As a commenter explains: “Theres no way to tell exactly what breed of honeybee it is without genetic analysis, but she is likely Cordovan or a mix of other lightly colored honeybees. While it’s not totally unique to be golden colored like this, she is significantly brighter than others I’ve seen. Some beekeepers and queen breeders may be interested in finding its home hive, they would want to breed the queen for her genetics.

4. Crystal Clear Snail Shell

A snail with a clear shell
Image Credits: Reddit

The explanation goes: “Maybe it’s clear because it’s a baby? I can’t tell how big or small it is though, baby snails tend to have see-through shells though. Super cute! 🙂

5. Balancing Rocks on Lake Baikal

The Baikal Dzen
Image Credits:

The rocks on Lake Baikal sometimes get hot enough from the sun to melt the ice below them. If you wait until the sun goes down, the ice will freeze again, making a small stand for the rock above. The Baikal Dzen is its name.

6. Cat with Sauron’s Eyes

Cat with unique eyes
Image Credits: Reddit

This cat’s eyes have an unusual glow that some might find reminiscent of the dark lord Sauron from “The Lord of the Rings“. The breed is apparently a “Tortie”.

7. Blind Cat’s Eyes

Blind cat's eyes
Image Credits: Reddit

This blind cat’s eyes may not see the world, but they have a mesmerizing beauty of their own. Or, as Reddit puts it: “Soren isn’t blind. Soren just sees on other planes of existence.

8. Music Typewriter

A music typewriter
Image Credits: BoredPanda, Reddit

It was on the market in the 1950s and cost about $255, which is about $2,415 today. Keaton wanted to make a machine that would print characters exactly on staff and show exactly where the next character would be printed to ensure accuracy. He came up with the typewriter’s unique look: a circle keyboard.

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9. Transparent Butterfly

Butterfly with transparent wings
Image Credits: Reddit

This insect’s wings are almost completely transparent, giving it an almost ethereal appearance. By the way, it is most likely a moth, and the insect is apparently licking the hand.

10. Sun in Ultraviolet Light

The Sun through an UV filter
Image Credits: NASA

Several NASA spacecraft that study the sun have seen an odd set of eruptions in which a series of fast puffs caused a huge burst of solar material to slowly escape from the sun’s atmosphere. A solar scientist from the University of Aberystwyth in Wales named Nathalia Alzate said, “When we look at the corona in very high-powered ultraviolet light, we see that the puffs come from a group of energetic jets and related flares.

11. Blue Bee

A blue carpenter bee
Image Credits: BoredPanda

Yes, bees can be blue too! This blue carpenter bee is a rare but beautiful sight. Some more details about it from a commenter: ” Xylocopa caerulea, the blue carpenter bee, is a species of carpenter bee. … The blue carpenter bee is found throughout Southeast Asia, India, and Southern China, and they’re known for being large and heavy bees that live solitary lives, and are generally non-aggressive.

12. Tulips in the Snow

Tulips in the snow
Image Credits: Reddit

Spring can arrive even in the midst of winter. These tulips are bravely blooming through the snow. Apparently, this is a scene from Patagonia, South America.

13. Photosynthetic Sea Slug

Photosynthetic sea slugh
Image Credits: National Geographic

It cannot exactly photosynthesize, but it can do this, according to a commenter: “The sea slug eats plants and algae and stores chloroplasts from those foods in a way that lets it use those cell parts. People call it a “chimaera,” which means “mixed animal.” But they are becoming too rare to study much more, and NatGeo says that the few scientists who have studied them have either moved on to other areas of study or retired.

14. Curly-Haired Horse

Bashkir Curly Horse
Image Credits: BoredPanda

Another big mystery in the horse world is where the Bashkir Curly Horse came from. There is no doubt that horses with curly hair are an old breed. Early Chinese art and statues from as early as 161 AD show them. There is proof that they have been in South America and Europe. It seems that Curlies have lived in North America since the early 1800s.

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15. House Encased in Ice

A Ohio house encased in snow after a blizzard.
Image Credits: Reddit

This is a picture of a house in Ohio (on the shores of Lake Erie), immediately after a blizzard, 5 years ago. What a natural work of art!

16. 1940s Town Assisted Living Facility

A retirement home modelled after the 1960s.
Image Credits: Reddit

This retirement home provides a familiar and comfortable environment for its residents by resembling a small 1940s American town. However, commenters were worried about the repercussions if the residents were patients of Alzheimer’s.

17. Giant Dinosaur Femur

A 14-million-year-old dinosaur femur discovered in France.
Image Credits: AFP

This enormous dinosaur femur is a reminder of the massive creatures that once roamed the Earth. The fossil is 140 million years old and weighs 500 kg. It was discovered in France.

18. Natural Cave Shower

A naturally formed cave shower.
Image Credits: Reddit

Nature can be surprising! This cave has a natural shower formation. On the other hand, some commenters likened it to the teleportation technology in Star Trek.

19. Bilateral Gynandromorph Butterfly

A half-male half-female butterfly
Image Credits: Reddit

This butterfly isn’t your average insect. It’s a bilateral gynandromorph, meaning one half of its body is completely female and the other half is completely male! This unusual development is caused by a rare cell division error during early growth.

20. Pluto in Living Color:

Image Credits: NASA

On July 14, 2015, NASA’s New Horizons probe took this high-resolution, enhanced color picture of Pluto. Using pictures from the Ralph/Multispectral Visual Imaging Camera (MVIC), this picture blends blue, red, and infrared light. The surface of Pluto has a huge variety of very soft colors. In this picture, the rainbow of pale blues, yellows, oranges, and deep reds stands out even more. A lot of landscapes have their own unique colors that tell a complicated story about geology and climate that scientists are only now starting to figure out. On sizes as small as 0.8 miles (1.3 kilometers), the picture can resolve colors and details.

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21. The Tiny Frog:

A very small frog.
Image Credits: Reddit

Get ready for cuteness overload! This photo showcases a minuscule frog, a tiny wonder of the natural world. Commenters think it might be Paedophryne amauensis.

22. Half and Half Lobster:

A half-female half-male lobster.
Image Credits: BoredPanda

This lobster isn’t your typical red. It’s a split-colored marvel with one side male (brown) and the other female (blue). This condition, also known as gynandromorphy, is quite rare.

23. Beehive Timelapse:

Timelapse of a beehive
Image Credits: Reddit

Witness the incredible activity within a beehive with this mesmerizing timelapse photo. It’s a bee-autiful look into the organized chaos of the hive.

24. Transparent Fish:

It is believed to be a Salpa Maggiore
Image Credits: Reddit

Have you ever seen a fish that seems invisible? This photo captures a nearly transparent fish, believed to be a Salpa maggiore, using its ghostly appearance to camouflage itself.

25. Fledgling Blue Jay:

A young blue jay with half of its child feathers remaining.
Image Credits: Reddit

This young blue jay is still sporting some of its fuzzy baby feathers alongside its adult plumage. It’s a reminder of the transformation birds undergo as they mature.

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26. Sunflower Giant:

A giant sunflower
Image Credits: Reddit

This photo showcases a friend’s giant sunflower, a true titan of the flower world. Commenters are calling it a “SunTREE” rather than a sunflower.

27. Rainbow Pool:

A rainbow pool
Image Credits: Reddit

Here is the explanation from a commenter: “Found on Jeff Ripple, a former Florida swamp walk leader, told the BBC: “The rainbow sheens found as a thin film on top of pooled water in swamps and marshes are the result of natural oils released by decaying vegetation or the biological processes of anaerobic bacteria reducing iron in soil.”

28. Dinosaur Egg Clutch:

Fossilized dinosaur eggs
Image Credits: Reddit

This close-up look at a clutch of dinosaur eggs is a treasure trove for any dino enthusiast. Imagine the prehistoric creatures that once hatched from these shells!

29. Fin Whale Vertebrae:

Skeletal vertebrae of a whale
Image Credits: Flickr

The vastness of the ocean is evident in this photo of a fin whale’s vertebrae beneath the water’s surface. Apparently, the local bears have been feeding on this carcass for an entire year prior to this picture being taken.

30. Purple Delight:

A purple grasshopper
Image Credits: Reddit

This unexpected photo captures a magnificent purple grasshopper found in someone’s garden. Nature is full of surprises! A commenter adds: “Google says Pink Grasshopper. Rare genetic mutation. Maybe Pink Locust, too? Not sure.

31. Bicolor Sunflower:

A 2-color sunflower
Image Credits: Reddit

This isn’t your ordinary sunflower! This unique bloom boasts two distinct colors, adding a touch of whimsy to the garden.

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32. Albino Buck:

An albino buck
Image Credits: Reddit

An albino buck, with its striking white coat, stands out amongst the trees in this photo. While beautiful, albinism can make it harder for animals to camouflage themselves from predators.

33. Blue Java Banana:

Blue Java bananas
Image Credits: BoredPanda

This photo introduces the Blue Java banana, known for its ice cream-like consistency and vanilla flavor. Maybe they should be called BLUEnanas

34. Extraordinary Hands:

A person with 12 fingers on their hands
Image Credits: Reddit

This image showcases a person with six fingers on each hand, a rare anatomical anomaly. However, interestingly, six fingers are a dominant trait! So, if one parent has it, then it is very likely that the child will also have it.

35. Cyclist’s Calves:

The legs of a pro cyclist immediately after a race.
Image Credits: Instagram

Witness the powerful legs of a professional cyclist after a race. These well-developed muscles are essential for peak performance. This one belongs to Janez Brajkovic.

36. Giant Single-Cell:

The largest single-celled organism: Valonia Ventricosa
Image Credits: BoredPanda

This mind-blowing photo shows Valonia Ventricosa, the largest single-celled organism on Earth. It’s a reminder that even single cells can come in impressive sizes.

37. Translucent Blue Tang:

A translucent Blue Tang fish.
Image Credits: Reddit

The vibrant blue hues of this translucent Blue Tang make it a captivating underwater creature. According to Wikipedia, “Regal blue tangs can also, when faced with danger or dark spaces, make themselves semi-transparent, in order to help with evasion and light passivity, respectively.

38. A Field of Contrasts:

Cannabis field inside a corn field.
Image Credits: Reddit

This photo is unusual: a cannabis field nestled amongst a cornfield. Who’s farm is this? Its probably best we don’t know.

39. Ancient Space Rock:

The Murchison Meteorite
Image Credits: Reddit

Behold the Murchison meteorite, one of the oldest rocks in existence, estimated to be over 4.6 billion years old! As such, it probably existed before our beloved Earth formed completely. It also has amino acids – what DNA is built of.

40. Ribbon in the Sky:

Image Credits: Reddit

End this list with a touch of whimsy. This photo captures a unique ribbon cloud formation, adding a decorative touch to the sky. The phenomenon is known as the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability.

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