Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 12, 2024 ·  3 min read

18 Things Millennials Had That Today’s Kids Are Clueless About

As the world continues to evolve rapidly, certain items and experiences that are much used seem to fade into obscurity for today’s youth. From the ubiquitous dial-up internet tones to the joy of meticulously crafting mixtapes on cassette tapes, millennials nostalgically recall experiences that shaped their formative years. Yet, as technology advances and societal norms shift, many of these once-familiar elements become relics of the past, leaving today’s kids utterly clueless about the peculiarities and quirks of a bygone era. Join us on a journey through time as we explore the things millennials had that today’s kids may find utterly baffling.

1. DVD

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Generation Alpha has no idea about DVDs or cassettes. For us though, it was an enormous part of our childhood, especially when we had to roll the film from the outside.

2. Record Players

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Record players are officially vintage. For the record, this is what the earlier overhead projectors looked like. Now, even our phones can do the job

3. Hanging Up

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Saying “I’m hanging up” no longer makes sense. For the reader’s information, when we made calls via landline, we had to hang the receiver on the body to end the call. Thus, “hanging up”.

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4. CDs

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If you know what CDs are, you’re old. If you know or even have a device that can create/burn a CD then you are even older. CD burners or CD-ROMs were special parts that did the job.

5. Tapes

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Tapes are something only 90s “kids” would know about. Another cassette tape lost to the ravages of time.

6. Landlines

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Landlines barely exist in 2024. This was the only way of putting calls through, once upon a time. Each house only had one too, mind you.

7. MySpace

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MySpace is ancient. We are slowly coming full circle, it seems, given by the nature of the demand.

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8. Napster

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Remember Napster? Also, remember the days of dial-up internet? Yes, once upon a time, the fastest download speed was hundreds of kilobytes, if we were lucky. Picking up the phone would also mean the Internet is gone.

9. MP3 Players

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MP3 players are practically the same thing as fossils. This is what the iPod was (if you remember that) – an MP3 player.

10. Bathroom Codes

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Asking for bathroom codes can be embarrassing.

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11. CD Players In Cars

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Do cars still come with CD players? This must be an absolutely ancient car to still have a CD reader.

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12. Window Levers

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Do cars still have levers in them? We had to roll up or down car windows using this. Unlike automatic switches, they were much more reliable, by the way.


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Justin Timberlake used to be in a band, remember?

14. Disks

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No one knows about floppy disks anymore. This is where the “Save” icon came from. A floppy disk was the earliest means of portable storage, and it could store about 256KB.

15. Camera Film

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With updated cameras, people barely recognize film. Once upon a time, cameras could not produce instant pictures that could be viewed on any screen. They were printed in negative, in films contained in such boxes, that had to be developed later on.

16. Sharpeners

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Pencils are mechanical now, so we don’t see pencil sharpeners anymore. Surely people still use wooden, traditional pencils.

17. Hashtags

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Kids these days don’t understand hashtags. Hashtags existed way before the advent of computers, let alone social media.

18. iPods

iPods are nostalgic these days. The child just needs to be taught how to navigate and use the device. It can be a bit complicated compared to today’s devices.

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