Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
February 13, 2024 ·  3 min read

10 Hilarious Pregnancy Memes We All Needed Today

For the majority of us who are not pregnant, pregnant women are easily one of the most beautiful people out there. However, for many pregnant women, pregnancy is anything but lovely or exceptional. As such, they acknowledge their hardship and don’t mind sharing it. Thus, we present the finest memes below. They discuss common pregnancy difficulties, with a dash of humor. Any pregnant woman or friend will chuckle at these humorous pregnancy memes. At the end of the day, it is hard but worth it.

1. Tired But Wired

Meme 1
Source: @s8n | X

This relatable meme perfectly captures the feeling of being constantly tired, yet still staying awake when you should be sleeping. We’ve all been there, whether it’s because of work, school, or just the general hustle and bustle of life. Now imagine every moment having that feeling, and you will understand being pregnant.

2. The Perfect Sleep Schedule

Meme 2
Source: r/funny | Rdddit

We all know that babies do not usually have a set sleep schedule. However, new parents will attest to the fact that infants have the most inconvenient sleep schedule possible. It almost seems like they are waiting for the parents to go to sleep to wake up.

3. The Importance Of Zippers

Meme 3
Source: @bessbell | X

As this experienced parent says, zippers are the one and only way to go when it comes to baby clothes simply because you have no idea when you will need to dress and undress the little human.

4. Cravings

Meme 4
Source: Instagram

It’s not like cravings are an exclusive experience for pregnant women. However, pregnancy indeed increases it a lot. And, by a lot, we mean to an almost disastrous extent.

5. Insensitive Partners

Meme 5
Source: Instagram

During this time of pregnancy, partners have to use their wit to figure out when to be honest and when to say a white lie. Simply distracting the pregnant woman from the subject only brings about negative consequences.

6. Fewer Chores

Being pregnant means doing even the simplest of tasks becomes extremely tough. So, for those who have older kids, you can’t help but let them break the rules a couple of times during this period. The rest is important.

7. The Ultimate Statement

Meme 7
Source: pregnancyproblems | Instagram

Of course, being pregnant does not mean you are automatically entitled to everything. However, within the family, it is usually a period when you require everyone’s utmost attention and care. What can be more important than being the carrier of a new life?

8. Prioritizing Convenience

Meme 8
Source: pregnancyproblems | Instagram

It is no surprise that during the later stages of pregnancy, moving becomes tough. It becomes tough no matter what you have to move for, even if it is going to the toilet. So, sometimes, you just have to pre-emptively ensure you don’t have to move later.

9. Being Clean

Meme 9
Source: Buzzfeed

Regardless of whether you like taking showers or not, being pregnant is going to make your bathroom feel like the best place in the world. The constant flow of water over your skin is one of the most calming feelings during that time.

10. Nothing Fits

Meme 10
Source: pregnancyproblems | Instagram

 It’s tough enough to get clothes that suit us while we are normal. The problem gets multiplied so many times when it comes to pregnancy. A lot of our favorite clothes just break our hearts when we try them on.

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