Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 9, 2024 ·  6 min read

50 Before and After Pictures of People Who Have Overcome Addiction

Addiction permanently alters a person‘s life. However, there are also those who have overcome substance misuse and are able to look on the bright side of things beyond the stories of it. It doesn’t matter why they started abusing drugs or alcohol; what matters is that they had the guts and will to change their ways of living.

1. 19 Months

Addiction 1
Image Credits:,Instagram

The two pictures are 19 months apart when the person is starting to see life’s beauty again.

2. 1 Year

Addiction 2
Image Credits: Reddit

This person is on a journey to get rid of alcohol addiction. For the first time since 15, at 29, he has gone an entire year without it.

3. 10 Years

Addiction 3
Image Credits: Reddit

This person was an addict for 10 years, but the birth of his son pushed him to be clean.

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4. 5 Years

addiction 4
Image Credits: Reddit

This picture shows her 5th anniversary of being clean from addiction.

5. 3 Years

Addiction 5
Image Credits: Reddit

The two pictures are from 2020 and 2023 respectively. The person was an addict for 17 years, during which she almost lost her life. At 31, she was able to rediscover her self-worth and be proudly clean.

6. 1 Year 16 Days

Addiction 6
Image Credits: Reddit

This person has lost 130 Lbs, and has remained sober for just over a year.

7. 2 Years

Addiction 7
Image Credits: Reddit

She lost her face and teeth to drug addiction. But after 2 years of being clean, she has recovered her fullness, and has a new puppy as well as a new love of her life.

8. 1 Year

Addiction 8
Image Credits: Reddit

The man has gone through an entire year of staying away from any kind of alcohol.

9. 3 Years

Addiction 9
Image Credits: Reddit

The woman spent 3 years on her journey of sobriety and health.

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10. 90 Days

Addiction 10
Image Credits: Reddit

This person suffered a cardiac arrest and pneumonia. But, 90 days since then, he is a lot healthier due to his fight with addiction.

11. 5 Years

Addiction 11
Image Credits: Twitter

A more extended period of time of sobriety – 5 years – is a testament to how recovery programs can carry hope.

12. 6 years

Addiction 12
Image Credits: Reddit

After 6 years of sobriety, we must say that the hair is looking quite fine (among other things).

13. 4 Months

Addiction 14
Image Credits: Reddit

After 4 months of being clean from addiction, this person is thankful everyday to not be feeling as sick as he was.

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14. 2 Years

Addiction 14
Image Credits: Twitter

A period of 2 years shows the difference between the worst point of her alcohol addiction, and after being clean.

15. 1 Year

Addiction 15
Image Credits: Twitter

From looking like a comatose patient, to hiking uphill 5 miles – the difference is astounding for this person.

16. 2.5 Years

Addiction 16
Image Credits: Reddit

Till 23, he had no job or ID. But by 25, he feels a lot healthier and does not regret that first step at all.

17. 7 Years

Addiction 17
Image Credits: Reddit

They were at a point when they did not even know they would live so long. Now, though, they are much more positive with life.

18. 45 Days

Addiction 18
Image Credits: Reddit

It’s not a very long time, but it’s still an immense and inspirational effort to be this healthy from where he was in the hospital bed.

19. 1 Year

Addiction 19
Image Credits: Twitter

You can see how much of affect drug addiction has on the physical appearance after you come clean.

20. Another Year

Addiction 20
Image Credits: Reddit

Another example of how drug addiction impacts the skin and other features.

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21. 1000 Days

Addiction 21
Image Credits: Reddit

After 1000 days of staying away from alcohol, he is very grateful that he asked for help and went to rehab.

22. 3 Years

Addiction 22
Image Credits:

She was suffering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol for 10 years before going to a rehab facility. Even there, she almost died. But from there, she met her partner, had a baby, and is trying to finish her master’s degree. What a turnaround!

23. 2 Years

Addiction 23
Image Credits:

Here is another story where the coming of a child inspired a person to become free of addiction.

24. 4 Years

Addiction 24
Image Credits: Reddit

The beautiful smiles are always something noteworthy in these addiction before-after pictures.

25. 20 Years VS 2 Years

Addiction 25
Image Credits: Reddit

20 years of addiction meant he was almost dead 5 times in a month. But, 2 years later, he leads the most amazing life ever, being sober and clean.

26. 9 Months

Addiction 26
Image Credits:

Not only was this person suffering from drug addiction but he was also committing crimes. However, 9 months later, he has no problems at all.

27. 1 Year

Addiction 27
Image Credits: Imgur

The weight loss that accompanies being free from drug and alcohol addiction is also noteworthy.

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28. 4 Years

Addiction 28
Image Credits: Reddit

The two pictures are 4 years apart, but the person has only been free from addiction for 2 years. She is also recovering from anorexia.

29. 4 Years

Addiction 29
Image Credits: Reddit

In the old picture, he only knew of psych wards and arrests. In the new one, he is engaged as well as a homelessness counselor.

30. 2 Years

Addiction 30
Image Credits: Reddit

In 2 years, this person not only recovered the glow in his face but also his receding hairline.

31. Hard and Uncomfortable

Addiction 31
Image Credits: Instagram

She thought that getting wasted and partying was the only way to be able to live with herself. Now, she consciously decides to stay away from that hopelessness.

32. 1 year

Addiction 32
Image Credits: Reddit

1 year is a huge amount of time for anyone fighting to turn their life around.

33. 5 Years

Addiction 33
Image Credits: Reddit

The pictures are 6 years apart, while the person is 5 years sober from addiction.

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34. 19 Months

Addiction 34
Image Credits:

A difference of 19 months between addiction and an inmate, to being happy with friends and family.

35. 30 Days

Addiction 30
Image Credits: Reddit

The innate happiness should be an inspiration by itself.

36. 6 Months

Addiction 36
Image Credits: Reddit

After 6 months of being addiction-free, this person is finally beginning to feel like himself.

37. 90 Days

Addiction 37
Image Credits: Reddit

This picture serves to remind her that she will never fall into that pithole again.

38. 5 Years

Addiction 38
Image Credits: Reddit

Having the responsibility of raising a new life definitely changes the importance of life.

39. 7.5 Years

Addiction 39
Image Credits: Twitter

The photos are 7 and a half years apart, but she has not touched a drink since 2016. She hopes this proves that recovery is possible.

40. 6 Months

Addiction 40
Image Credits:

This person gives his thanks to drug court for the transformation.

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41. 8 Months

Addiction 41
Image Credits: Twitter

There is no greater push to live a better life than where you are closest to death.

42. 3 Years

Addiction 42
Image Credits: Reddit

This person’s words are a testament to how far effort can take you in being addiction-free.

43. 2 Years

Addiction 42
Image Credits: Reddit

2 years of being drug-free and 2 months of being alcohol-free: she is grateful for the advice and confidence.

44. 254 Days

Addiction 254
Image Credits: Instagram

Her journey to fight addiction taught her that alcohol is not needed to be the life of the party.

45. 3 Years

Addiction 45
Image Credits: Reddit

Her alcoholism led to a blacked out zoom call, but she has now recovered mentally and can be a better mother to her son.

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46. 1 Year

Addiction 46
Image Credits: Reddit

From being arrested for a second DUI, to a year sober and losing 60 pounds of weight.

47. 3 Years

Addiction 47
Image Credits: Reddit

Even though the difference is only 3 years, for the person, it feels like an entire lifetime away.

48. 4 Years

Addiction 48
Image Credits: Reddit

From 26 till 30, she quit alcohol, cut down on smoking almost all the way, developed a healthier skincare routine, and had some botox injected into her forehead.

49. Deepest vs Now

Addiction 49
Image Credits:

Her skin was in a horrible place under the influence of drugs.

50. 1.5 Years

Addiction 50
Image Credits: Reddit

Talk about a glow-up, and a healthy and inspiring one at that!

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