Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 9, 2024 ·  3 min read

20+ Pictures That Are All Too Real For Those With an Anxious Brain

Overthinking occurs frequently, even in the most routine situations. As such, we often have no choice but to be burdened with crippling anxiety. Here are some of the simplest instances in life where an anxious brain leaves us reeling for relief:

1. A Simple Conversation:

Anxiety 1
Image Credits: Reddit

We just have to show we are listening, regardless of whether we have the ability to.

2. Class Attendance:

Anxiety 2
Image Credits: iFunny

It haunts us for the rest of the day.

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3. Bedtime:

Anxiety 3
Image Credits:

It really takes a long time to let it go.

4. Middle of the Night:

Anxiety 4
Image Credits: Reddit

It is always when we cannot sleep, that they come back.

5. Store Checkout:

Anxiety 5
Image Credits: Instagram

Please don’t feel annoyed at us for taking a bit of time to pack up everything!

6. “Typing…”

Anxiety 6
Image Credits: Gag,FM

It’s like talking over each other, but worse, because sometimes, both of us end up waiting for the other to finish.

7. No way we will need it:

Anxiety 7
Image Credits: Twitter

If you think about it, we are sure there are very few instances when we actually needed a receipt.

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8. It’s Time:

Anxiety 8
Image Credits: Twitter

It takes very little for us to accept that our time is over.

9. Awkward For No Reason:

Anxiety 9
Image Credits:

We may or may not know the person, and honestly, it really does not matter.

10. Groceries:

Anxiety 10
Image Credits: Reddit

Please take the hint telepathically that we need that particular item.

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11. Overthinking

Anxiety 11
Image Credits: Instagram

Sometimes, our brains are our worst enemies.

12. Just In Case

Anxiety 12
Image Credits: Twitter

Better to have them, than not have them.

13. Stop Ringing:

Anxiety 13
Image Credits: Reddit

We are just too busy thinking about imaginary scenarios and enjoying our company.

14. No More

Anxiety 14
Image Credits: Reddit

We are very much aware that it is rude and disturbing.

15. Just Sad:

Anxiety 15
Image Credits: Twitter

Makes you question your entire life and how people perceive you.

16. So Much Pressure

Anxiety 16
Image Credits: Tumblr

Why do we feel like we committed a crime?

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17. One Wrong Word:

Anxiety 17
Image Credits: Twitter

Every single awkwardness is a core memory for us.

18. Social Anxiety:

Anxiety 18
Image Credits: Twitter

It takes a lot of bravery to say the truth out loud like that.

19. Reading Class:

Anxiety 19
Image Credits: Twitter

Add overpreparation for anything to that list.

20. Unknown Number

Anxiety 20
Image Credits:

It is better to be safe that it is someone we really need to talk to than be anxious about chatting with a stranger.

21. Performance Anxiety:

Anxiety 21
Image Credits: Reddit

We are at our best in the shadows.

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22. Again, Not Needed

Anxiety 22
Image Credits: Twitter

It is so incredibly tough for our brains to let us have one peaceful day.

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