Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
March 18, 2024 ·  4 min read

Woman Dubbed ‘World’s Most Jealous’ Made Husband Take Lie Detector Test Daily

An uncommon illness that induces irrational jealousy has been identified in a lady who requires her fiancé to undergo a lie detector test every time he leaves the house to demonstrate his faithfulness. Debbi Wood, 42, of Leicester, is so convinced that her 30-year-old spouse, Steve Wood, will cheat on her that she double-checks his bank records, email correspondence, and phone many times a day.

Mr. Wood, who first became involved with Miss Wood in 2011 after a friend introduced them, is even prohibited from gazing at images of women in periodicals or watching women on television. According to medical professionals, Miss Wood has Othello Syndrome, a mental illness that makes people think their spouses have cheated on them even in the absence of proof. “I’m glad to finally know what’s wrong with me, but I still have a long way to go,” the woman stated to the Daily Mail. “I force Steve to take a lie detector exam as soon as he returns home, even if he is just out for a half hour to purchase a pint of milk.

I need to know the truth because I get so worried that he’s been sizing up the shop assistant.”  She thinks he’s beautiful, but that’s not the problem; the problem is whether or not she can trust him to keep his eyes off other women when he’s out on the town. @You should only have eyes for your mate if you’re happy together and in a relationship.

After a ten-year stay in the US, Miss Wood returned to Britain three years ago following the end of a long-term romance that had devastated her. Experts believe that the mental stress she experienced caused her disease, and she was so devastated that she vowed never to get into another relationship.

Mr. and Mrs. Wood. Mrs. Wood suffers from the Othello Syndrome.
Image Credits: DailyMail

The Curious Case Of Mrs. Wood

A year later, Miss Wood was residing in her home country of Scotland when she was introduced to Mr. Wood on Facebook by a mutual acquaintance. They had their first date in London when she flew there after weeks of messaging one other. “I knew we were meant to be a couple,” she remarked after their first kiss beneath the London Bridge. “Steve captured my heart, even though I didn’t plan to fall in love again after my last relationship. The only issue was our great distance from one another. When I found out that Steve had been seeing another female around the time we’d initially met, we decided to move in together and start becoming serious.

I forgave him when he said he didn’t think our distance made us exclusive, but I began to question his ability to remain faithful.” Miss Wood, who also has body dysmorphic disorder and bipolar illness, continued to say that after the two moved in together, her jealousy grew as she sought to keep an eye on Mr. Wood’s every action.

She forbade him from watching any television shows with women and put child-proof filters on his phone and laptop to prevent him from viewing graphic images of women. Miss Wood was given an Othello Syndrome diagnosis in September of this year, and in the six months since then, she has seldom left the house due to the condition’s severe effects. 

Othello Syndrome: What Is It?

Othello Syndrome is a mental health condition in which a person believes, without evidence, that their love partner is disloyal. It is also known by other names, such as morbid jealousy, delusional jealousy, pathological jealousy, sexual jealousy, or Othello psychosis. Put differently, an individual afflicted with Othello syndrome assumes that their significant other has cheated on them and develops an obsession with their partner’s faithfulness. 

The phrase “Othello syndrome” originated with William Shakespeare’s play Othello. In the play, Othello murders his wife Desdemona after he is persuaded that she is unfaithful by Iago, the main antagonist. Othello syndrome patients have intrusive, obsessive, and/or delusional thoughts, frequently related to accusations of infidelity in their relationships. Concepts are deemed obsessive when they take on a compulsive nature. Thinking about a potential love partner constantly, even if they are not real, is one example of this. Adversive thoughts are hard to resist and seem inevitable when they arise. Limiting the suspected partner’s freedom of choice is a common response to this. Delusional ideas are impossible for the mind to process since they are not seen as false. 

The Portable Lie Detector that Mr. Wood is tested with.
Image Credits: DailyMail

On The Path To Address The Issue

To address her issues, she is undergoing therapy and using anti-anxiety medication. She also plans to wed Mr. Wood, who proposed early this year. Miss Wood had already taken on his last name before the wedding. She has also been studying Othello Syndrome in order to get ready to start a support group for those who have the condition.

15% of those with the condition have acted aggressively against their relationships, according to a study. Robert Mercati, sixty-three, is one of them. He took Margaret’s life at their house earlier this year after learning of the diagnosis. Unemployed Mr. Wood accepted that his wife may be challenging at times, but he thought she was worth it. He said, “There are moments when I get anxious and my heart races, which makes Debbi question me,” alluding to the conflicting results of the lie detector test. “All I have to do is reassure her that I haven’t cheated, and maybe she will accept that.” 

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