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18 Photos That Only Thick-Thighed People Will Understand

Welcome to the bittersweet saga of the thick-thighed, a tale as old as denim itself. If you’ve ever experienced the heart-wrenching sound of ripping fabric as your thighs brush together, this photo essay is for you. Join us as we journey through the trials and tribulations of finding pants that can withstand the power of […]

Mayukh Saha

Mayukh Saha

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Song lyrics getting simpler, more repetitive, angry and self-obsessed – study

Researchers analyzed the words in more than 12,000 English-language songs across several genres from 1980 to 2020 You’re not just getting older. Song lyrics really are becoming simpler and more repetitive, according to a study published on Thursday. Lyrics have also become angrier and more self-obsessed over the last 40 years, the study found, reinforcing the opinions […]