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Jade Small
Jade Small
April 18, 2024 ·  4 min read

16 Fear-Inducing Photos That Will Have You Screaming Until Your Voice Is Gone

Scary photos exist from the time cameras were invented. Actually, they probably existed even earlier because there are probably scary paintings as well. Nevertheless, no matter how brave you are, these scary photos will make you stay awake for a couple of nights. Are you prepared to face them?

1. The Damascus Goat

The Damascus Goat
Image Credits: Reddit

This is a real breed of goat. However, this is their adult form. When they are younger, they are much more beautiful. In fact, their young versions are believed to be one of the prettiest types of goats that exist.

2. Alligator Cowboy Boots

Alligator cowboy boots with eyes
Image Credits: Reddit

At first glance, they may seem like a rather fancy pair of shoes made from the hide of an alligator. However, when you scroll down, you will be greeted with a lively pair of eyes.

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3. Realistic Dog Cake

Realistic dog cake
Image Credits: Reddit

As cute and realistic as it looks, it is a completely edible cake! The original poster’s boyfriend had ordered it for them. However, the fake “puppy eyes” were too effective to be eaten.

4. Slogan Gone Wrong

A bottle of raspberry jam
Image Credits: Reddit

We do believe this is an honest typographical error. The company probably meant to write “Tastes Like Grandma’s.” However, let this be a lesson as to the importance of the apostrophe.

5. Who’s That In The Car?

A car set up with a mask on the driver's seat.
Image Credits: Reddit

This is a very good jumpscare. As such, it would also be a brilliant idea to ward off carjackers and thieves. From a distance, one would assume there’s someone inside.

6. Online Coffin

Coffin online on walmart
Image Credits: Reddit

We don’t know if it’s pricy for the market rate, however, everything truly is available on the Internet. It looks pretty fancy too! Honestly, why should it not be available online?

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7. Mysterious Fluff?

A broken up cattail
Image Credits: Reddit

The original poster apparently found it on their porch after someone rang their bell. Don’t be alarmed though, as commenters identified it most probably as a broken-up cattail. Just a prank by some kids.

8. Skull-Wood

A skull-shaped piece of wood.
Image Credits: Reddit

The original poster apparently found it on Facebook Marketplace. They also claim the listing describes it as a “piece of wood”. If it is, then it most certainly carries some centuries-old curse inside it.

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9. Potatoes Are Terrifying

Potato roots searching for soil
Image Credits: Reddit

Potatoes seem to be the plant version of Eldritch monsters. The post explains that this was a bag of potatoes that were forgotten and had started to rot. But, the roots had already started searching for soil. Also, apparently, toxic potatoes should be thrown out as soon as possible since they release toxic fumes.

10. Red Hallway

A scary hallway
Image Credits: Reddit

According to the original poster, this is the actual hallways outside of their apartment. We would be moving out of there, the first chance we got!

11. Dental Model

Dental Model from the 1900s
Image Credits: Reddit

This is a dental model for practise and demonstration in the 1900s. To be honest, it is scarily efficient and accurate. After all, it only shows the part that is relevant.

12. Porn Theatre In Germany

An "Entertainment area" in a German porn theatre
Image Credits: Reddit

In Germany, there are specialised theatres that air porn. As such, these are the “entertainment areas”. This is not as much a a scary photo as it is a worrying one.

13. Camping in Florida

Camp in Florida surrounded by alligators
Image Credits: Reddit

Florida is a state of many wonders and dangers, and most importantly, alligators. This scary picture shows why you should be very careful when you are out camping in the state.

14. Wasp Nest

Wasp nest in an Australian home
Image Credits: Reddit

Even more than Florida, Australia is a whole different world when it comes to wildlife and natural dangers. This is a massive wasp nest in a home on the continent, and we can bet it’s not that rare.

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15. Too Many Flies

A door that is infested with flies.
Image Credits: Reddit

The original poster (the post has since been deleted) is concerned whether there is a dead body inside. A commenter, unfortunately, says that there was a similar post that had confirmed that there was indeed a person dead inside—a sad state of affairs.

16. Robotic Harassment

A male robot touching a female reporter's buttocks.
Image Credits: Reddit

This is actually an entire clip, and the robot is apparently the first male robot in Saudi Arabia. As if we did not have enough harassment from real people, we might just have to deal with robotic ones too.

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