Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
March 14, 2024 ·  3 min read

People Gasp for Air Watching Video of Caver Getting Stuck in Extremely Tight Space

People have vowed never to go caving again after seeing an agonizing video of a guy squeezing through a small cave. Jake Sanders and Calvin Sanders, who are uncle and nephew, run the YouTube program Caveman Hikes. Of course, there are a lot of heart-racing videos of people caving on the web, but the Sanders movies are some of the worst. The YouTube channel of the caver is full of nightmare-inducing videos of impossible-to-believe squeezes that make people’s blood pressure rise.

The Thrill and The Fear: Exploring the Fascination and Concerns of A Caver

In 2022, Jacob told the Guardian, “I was scared the first time I went into a cave.” “Caves always amaze me.” Will it get wet? Will it be dry? Is it going to be cold, wet, dirty, or clean? “Is it going to be, like, pretty or is it going to be super ugly, you know, like a crawly cave that’s all spiky?” People are getting sick from worry because of one of the pair’s videos, which shows Calvin ripping his clothes to pieces while trying to fit through a small space.

In the video, he is in a dangerous place when he says, “A lot of people ask why we do this, and you’ll never get a good answer.” “Why do you get up in the morning?” What makes you go? Why do you want to study, go to work, or hang out with your friends?Not really, nothing. That’s how things are. This is how we really live, not how we die. We do it to ruin clothes, but our bodies are fine.” The 2022 video shows that the brave couple and their team were trying to make a plan for a new cave they had found, which meant they could run into many unexpected problems. Calvin talks about a few specific things he does to keep himself from getting stuck in the tightest spots.

He has a piece of cardboard under him in the YouTube video, for example, which he can use to cut down on friction. For example, in another part, he talked about first pulling up his T-shirt and then moving forward while inside it. There are thousands of tonnes of rock and dirt all around you. That doesn’t sound fun to me, call me weird.

Not All Caves Created Equal: Reactions to Caving as a Hobby

A lot of people wrote in the comments about their thoughts on the life of a caver. A lot of them were shocked by how small the caves can get. Someone joked, “The best thing about caves is that you don’t have to go.” Someone said: “I love waking up every day and having the choice not to do caving.” It was hard for a third person to even watch the video; they said, “I couldn’t breathe while watching this video.

When someone else asked why they were digging, they wrote, “Sky diving, deep sea diving, mountain climbing.” I can see why these things are fun and interesting. WHAT’S THE POINT OF CAVING?” Not everyone reacted this way, though. One person said it was good to find something we enjoy doing as long as we took the right safety measures. “I’m glad you found something you like!” Don’t forget to stay safe!

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