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Mayukh Saha
May 11, 2024 ·  6 min read

12 Times People Experienced The Most Creepy and Disgusting Moments

We try to stay away from disgust a lot of the time. However, there are times when we feel so sick that we want to gag or run away. There were gross experiences for the people in this story, whether they were with a friend or a stranger, and they still feel sick whenever they think about them.

1. Expired Potato Salad Dressing

Potato Salad
Image Credits: Unsplash

We were having a barbecue party, and everyone brought a dish. My brother’s new girlfriend had prepared a homemade potato salad. It was a little too acidic but delicious. The next day, everyone who ate from it got sick. Later in the day, I was cleaning and there was an awful stench coming from the kitchen’s trash. As I opened it, I found packets of potato salad dressing hidden at the bottom that smelled utterly foul. On closer inspection, they were expired many years. Needless to say, I was furious and grossed out.

2. Raw Chicken

Raw Chicken
Image Credits: Unsplash

A well-dressed woman sitting next to me at the bus stop was eating raw chicken that she’d clearly just bought at the grocery store up the street. I’d seen her for months on and off, waiting at the same time as me, probably going to and from work. But there she was in the middle of a South Texas summer, eating raw chicken like she was starving to death while waiting for the bus in 105-degree weather. © Unknown author / Reddit

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3. Sneezing in the Metro

Image Credits: Unsplash

I saw a woman on the metro blowing her nose into her dreadlocks. Based on the crustiness and smell, it appeared to be a routine habit for her. © epidemica / Reddit

4. Dirty Fingernails

Image Credits: Unsplash

University library. Some unwashed, smelly old bearded guy always came there to use their free Wi-Fi. The stupid laughing was tolerable; I had headphones. Piling up a mountain of tangerine peels was tolerable; I like tangerines. But one day, he started clipping his dirty fingernails, and one flew straight at me.
I went straight to the staff and got him kicked out. © Le_German_Face / Reddit

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5. Park Nightmares

Park Bench
Image Credits: Unsplash

I was sitting on the bench at a park when this homeless man approached me. He didn’t say a word, just threw a folded newspaper on my lap. Scared, I opened it to see what he wanted. Inside the paper was a repulsive sight — a grotesque, slimy mass of unidentified goo. It reeked of rot and decay. Without a word, the man disappeared into the shadows. It felt like a nightmare, but I was surely wide awake when it happened.

6. Sneezing

Image Credits: Unsplash

When I was about 14, I was walking around the grocery store with my dad. I was on my phone and didn’t see him turn the corner into the other aisle. I looked up and saw he wasn’t there, but instead, there was a mom and her toddler-aged daughter now in the aisle with me. I looked up to find my dad for maybe 20 seconds. In that time, I watched the daughter say, «Mommy, I have to sneeze!», which prompted her mother to get on her hands and knees and allow her daughter to sneeze in her mouth. Then she got up, and they acted like nothing happened. © bonybug / Reddit

7. Floss and Ear Wax

Dental Floss
Image Credits: Unsplash

Once on a midday regional train, the guy sitting next to me just pulled out a packet of floss and started flossing. Bits of food were visibly being flung from his teeth. He did that for like 10 minutes straight, then put away his floss. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then started to shove his fingers into his ears, clean them with his pinky finger, and wipe wax on his pants. © Blurryblanket / Reddit

8. Changing Diapers

Image Credits: Unsplash

I once saw a lady change her baby on a table in the food court of the mall. It was at Christmastime, so there were tons of people around. She just didn’t care. I also told the custodial staff, «Hey, some lady just changed her baby on that table,» and they didn’t do anything. © ratsandfoxbats / Reddit

9. Money Hiding Place

Surgery room
Image Credits: Unsplash

A homeless man arrived at our hospital with an abdominal abscess. We were trying to clean his wound and assess the damage, and when we reached inside, we were horrified to find that he had been hiding his money there. He nonchalantly stated that he kept his money tucked in there to protect it from being stolen. © DyingLion / Reddit

10. Old Gum

Chewing Gum
Image Credits: Unsplash

Once, I was in the subway. A guy in front of me rushed towards me and picked something up from the floor right next to my foot. He put it in his mouth and started chewing on it. It was an old and stepped-on gum that was glued to the floor. © valoudev / Reddit

11. The Fast Food Nightmare

Image Credits: Unsplash

I was waiting for my turn at a fast food joint, stomach rumbling with anticipation. Finally, I reached the counter and ordered my usual burger combo. As I waited, I noticed a foul smell wafting from the kitchen.
Ignoring it, I eagerly unwrapped my burger, only to find slimy tomatoes inside. Just as I was about to complain, a cockroach scurried out from under the bun. Horrified, I gagged and quickly pushed the meal away, losing my appetite entirely.

12. Flip Flops

Flip flops
Image Credits: Unsplash

Going home from school, I saw this lady wearing flip-flops on a rainy day. Thing is, she had these deep fissures at the bottom of her feet, and every time she took a step, you could see water flowing between the fissures. © StrkrJ / Reddit

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