Jade Small
Jade Small
August 9, 2023 ·  3 min read

People aghast baby shark BBQ grilled whole until they realize what it actually is

When it comes to food preferences, everyone is their own warrior. From defending our caves from predators as neanderthals to protecting our egos from being bruised… as if we were as fragile as ripe fruit. A viral post has been making its rounds on social media. It shows what looks like a baby shark being barbecued. It had many up in arms, only to find out it was something else.

Shark bait, ooh-ah-ah

The world is very full of highly opinionated people who love to hide behind the comforts of their keyboards. They wistfully rant away, without having to face their opposition’s wrath in person. When the picture of a shark barbecue went viral, all vegans, vegetarians, and animal lovers united to put the person who took the picture in their place. However, things were not exactly as they seem.

Image credit: TikTok

When you look closer at the picture, the baby shark looks a little too cartoon-like to be real. That’s because it’s not actually a shark. It’s an eggplant that has been artistically carved to look like a shark, and with some serious skill too. In the picture, the dark purple outer layer of the eggplant resembles the skin on the back of a shark perfectly. It even looks like the right skin texture. However, the stomach of the shark is what gives it away. It’s a little too green to be a real shark.

The video has a rendition of the children’s song “baby shark” playing over it and the shark is being grilled over coals. It has a skewer stuck down its mouth while it is being turned around and round to get an even crisp. Even those who eat meat said they were glad it was not a real shark.

Image credit: TikTok

It’s all for laughs

TikTok is the home of everything weird and wonderful. there is something for everyone to enjoy, and just as much to disgust us at the same time. Most of the videos are baiting their viewers for a reaction, so this baby shark eggplant was a hilarious addition.

The eggplant shark picture was captioned: “I have eaten a whole grilled squid, but I have never eaten a whole grilled shark.” There was a wide range of reactions from those who saw it. From shock and horror to hilarious retaliations. Needless to say, the artist of the shark definitely made us all look again.

There were some seriously gullible viewers who thought it really was a shark. They commented before taking a second look. But, they jumped the gun. Then, there were those that took a second glance and realized the joke was on them. They laughed along with everyone else, having realized the prank.

Image credit: TikTok

The Internet’s reactions of the baby shark eggplant

One person pointed out the eggplant shark was created with some amazing skill. They commented on the TikTok video saying, “amazing art 😅 but, ain’t that eggplant?” At least they knew it was not a real shark… but they had t make sure first.

Another person seems to be confused. They think the shark looks like it’s in outer space. “This shark in outer space how long alr,” they wrote in the comments.

Then, there were some comments where people admitted they were frightened after seeing the initial image of the shark on the barbecue. “Bro scared me,” read one comment. While another person pointed out that the shark is green. “It green??” they wrote.

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