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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
June 26, 2024 ·  3 min read

Woman Who Went Blind After Getting Eye Ball Tattoo Decies to Get ‘Torurous’ Inking Done Again

Australian woman Amber Luke, known for having 98 percent of her body covered in tattoos, faced a significant challenge after her first eyeball tattoo left her blind for three weeks. Despite the ordeal, Amber maintained that she had “no regrets” about her extensive inking, even though it initially caused her significant vision loss. She admitted, “I felt robbed and like I didn’t deserve a proper procedure.

Second Attempt: Seeking Redemption

Amber Luke adorned with tattoos
Image Credits: Jam Press

Undeterred by her previous experience, Amber traveled from Australia to São Paulo, Brazil, on May 18 to undergo a second eyeball tattoo procedure. This time, she sought to reclaim what she felt was rightfully hers. “For me, it was about taking back what’s mine and was supposed to be mine in the first place,” Amber expressed. Her determination to have a successful outcome fueled her decision to try again.

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Eye Ball Tattoo Procedure Details: New Approach and Safety Measures

Amber, from 2019
Image Credits: Instagram

Amber entrusted tattoo artist Gattoo Moreno with the delicate task, ensuring she took precautions to avoid the complications she faced previously. This time, an optometrist confirmed that her first tattoo was “botched,” which influenced her to ensure no scar tissue remained. The 20-minute procedure involved a syringe filled with vegan ink, carefully injected into her sclera. “If you blink or move when that needle is in your eyeball, you can go permanently blind,” Amber noted, highlighting the risks involved.

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Overcoming Trauma: The Emotional Journey

Amber before her tattooing journey began
Image Credits: Instagram

Amber faced severe trauma and PTSD from her first experience but was determined to stay still during the procedure. “It was crucial for me to breathe through the procedure, as I was experiencing severe trauma and PTSD,” she shared. Despite the emotional turmoil, Amber remained focused, stating, “It was so difficult to remain still with so much raging through my brain, but I’m beyond proud of myself for taking this situation back.

Successful Eye Ball Tattoo: No Pain, Just Beauty

Amber's successful second eye ball tattoo
Image Credits: Jam Press

The second procedure brought a different outcome for Amber. Unlike the excruciating pain she endured the first time, this experience was pain-free. “There was ‘absolutely no pain’ and said that was ‘how it’s supposed to be’,” Amber revealed. Her eyes, now a striking combination of blue and black, represent the successful culmination of her journey. “I nearly cried of happiness when I saw them this time and that’s exactly how it should’ve been originally,” she said, expressing her contentment with the results.

Achieving What She Deserved

Amber has over 200 tattoos now.
Image Credits: Instagram

Amber Luke’s journey underscores her resilience and determination to achieve the body modifications she desires. “I couldn’t have asked for a better body modification artist to lead me through this daunting journey,” she said, appreciating the expertise of her tattoo artist. After seven years, Amber finally feels she has attained what she deserved, closing a challenging chapter in her body modification journey.

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