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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
May 16, 2024 ·  5 min read

13 Reasons Why People Don’t Like California Anymore

California is the place where you can find sun, surf, and stars. Avocados are king, and saying “Hello” is not only accepted but also urged. This is the place where dreams are both made and crushed. The Golden State seems to be losing its charm, even though it has a lot of clear benefits. Why is the question? Here are 13 reasons why people no longer love sunny California.

1. Traffic

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We’ve all dreamed of the perfect beach house, but most of the time, a three-hour drive isn’t part of that dream. In fact, most towns in California are very crowded, and that’s not even the worst part.

Jodi, who lives in Los Angeles, tells Quora, “I live in Los Angeles and can relate to the traffic situation.” To get where you want to go, it’s hit or miss. Good thing I’ve learned to be patient enough to deal with the streets of LA’s unknown.

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2. Living Costs

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California has some of the largest costs of living in the country. Forbes magazine says that California has the third-highest cost of living in the country, after Hawaii and Massachusetts.

The usual cost of housing, food, transportation, taxes, and medical care for a family of four is $53,171.

3. Wildfires

Alaska wildfires up close and personal
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As seems to be the case every year, the flames that destroy California give a whole new meaning to the phrase “California grilling.” Statista says that with 85 deaths, The Campfire, which burned through November 2018, is California’s deadliest wildfire.

4. Tech Sector

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There are many stories in the tech industry that are like soap operas, with antiheroes and a lot of AI. As you say, it changes the cultural environment, but some people still like the beauty of old landscapes.

5. Politics

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Even on a good day, California’s politics are rough. CA’s government goes back and forth between “bleeding-edge progressive” and “Wait, what just happened?” as fast as you can say “Recall election.”

Winja, a political commentator on Quora, says, “California’s current political situation is a dystopian nightmare, and it will never change; it will only get worse until the education system is no longer controlled by ultra-radical, out-of-touch-with-reality, low-intelligence fascist indoctrination.”

6. Healthcare

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People often think of California when they think of good living, unless we’re talking about their public health system. When you look at the state, you often see a picture of health disparities. A group called the California Health Care Foundation says that African Americans in California often have the highest death rates from cancers like cervical, breast, colon, lung, and prostate.

7. Covid-19

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COVID-19 hit California the same way it hit the rest of the world. The state responded by wearing masks, holding Zoom meetings, and staying away from people who were sick, but the virus showed where the healthcare system was lacking. He told Reddit, “The good news is that hospitalizations and especially deaths are dropping, so hopefully this new strain is less deadly.” Bob is a neighborhood medic.

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8. A Growing Disconnect Due to Eliticism

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People often don’t feel welcome in California because of its strict rules, which reinforces the idea that the state is less about finding yourself and more about spending all your money. “San Francisco has always been that way,” said one local. That’s how or why it got that way, but it’s pretty clear where I’ve lived. An attitude of “hipper than thou“. Things change a lot and people are more chill once you get north of Marin. Thomas, a Quora commenter, says, “The same is true once you get south of San Jose.”

9. Housing Prices

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According to the housing market, everyone in California is a tech billionaire. But the truth is that most people in the state are just barely able to buy an apartment the size of a Tesla. This story is sad because the high cost of living is making people leave for places with better conditions. A website called RentCafe says that living in California costs 38% more than the rest of the country.

10. Housing Struggles

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Seeing people who are homeless up close and personal makes us realize that how we treat our weakest neighbors shows how strong we are.

According to ABC News, about 181,000 Californians do not have a place to live, which is about a third of the state’s homeless population.

11. Environmental Problems

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Some people in California are weighing the benefits of having sunshine all year against the need to breathe clean air because of the state’s environmental problems. The Public Policy Institute of California says that Californians are most worried about climate change, wildfires, and floods. This is a big worry for everyone in the state.

12. Tech Jobs

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NBC News says that tech companies and startups have already cut tens of thousands of jobs this year. Executives say that rising interest rates, inflation, and falling sales of internet ads are all big problems with money.

13. Traditionalists

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Even though it has changed, California is still a beautiful place with rough coastlines, starlit glamour, and possibilities as big as the Pacific Ocean. People in California still enjoy modern wonders and are aware of the work that has been needed to solve problems along the way.

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