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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
July 10, 2024 ·  7 min read

20 Posts That May Look Innocent At First, But Aren’t

Have you ever read a tweet or post that suddenly changed its mind? These posts and pictures start out pretty innocent, but then they get weird or even worse. Go back and read the posts that made you scroll up again to make sure you got it right.

1. A Heartwarming Story

A Redditor said, “As a F.I.R.S.T. Robotics supporter/ adjacent assistant, I know for sure those kids could build something amazing before they were destructive. I was at a tournament once and the power went out in the high school due to a wind storm, and since it wasn’t a tornado, all the teams came together to make lighted pathways with their energy supplies to get the elderly and those who needed to be safe out of the gymnasium and into the lit areas. It was so orderly and efficient. Then the power came back on and the whole gymnasium went nuts I only did some graphic design work for my high school and then my nephew’s team. So I can’t code, but it was cool to be a part of.” The most innocent kids often have the brightest minds and the darkest evils.

2. English Is A Confusing Language

Innocent posts 2
Image Credits: u/Unkie_Al/Reddit

Some Redditors added, “I worked for a funeral removal service (went and got the body) and we often went in pairs. One guy would ALWAYS say “I apologize for your loss.” Drove me up the fucking wall.

3. Eliminating the Competition

Innocent posts 3
Image Credits:  u/Tborealis/Reddit

A Redditor said, “For the apple it sounds about right, but for the sheer thrill of watching the light go out in someone’s eyes as they try to scream for help but no sounds comes out because their vocal cords are cut in half it’s very low yes.

4. Making Friends

Innocent posts 4
Image Credits: u/casperfk /Reddit

Some Redditors commented, “I’ve seen it happen. Neighbor lady + son’s friends. She sends everyone out of the house on errands, then some teenager comes over. Half hour later she comes outside on her porch all flushed and giggly, half dressed…kid leaves before her sons get home. THEN the dude comes back over an hour later to hang with the bros. It’s horrifying.

5. Birthday Cake

Innocent posts 5
Image Credits: u/izacktorres /Reddit

A Redditor said, “Oh I totally feel you. The first time I met my now MIL she told me “she’s got terrible taste in men, and she’s not allowed to pick her next boyfriend”.
She’s warmed up a little, but I know she wouldn’t be overly upset if I were to be eaten by a shark.
” The MIL definitely does not have innocent intentions.

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6. They Could Have Saved His Life

Innocent posts 6
Image Credits: u/dean_playz /Reddit

Some Redditors joked, “He called it his “epic pen”, I haven’t been able to figure out how to write with it though…

7. Yo Momma Jokes

A Redditor added, “Yo momma got a good head on her shoulders and she could see where this was going, so she cut your worthless ass loose so she could try again with someone less ugly than your dad

8. Australians

Innocent Posts 8
Image Credits: u/1Hate17Here/Reddit

Australians aren’t the only ones, apparently. According to a Redditor, “Yeah Canada has strict guidelines with driving, your friend could be allowed to visit Canada once they take measures by Canada laws and stuff to show they changed and such, I forget the exact details but the watch stopped at the border Canada on youtube that’s where I’ve learned a decent amount (as well as travel myself to visit my girlfriend, it’s really nice there)

9. Fun for Your Entire Family

Some Redditors added, “The best things.. my grandfather made one of these for a game back in the 50s.
When presenting art, the execs didn’t want girls. My grandfather had a version with his sons and my mother.. they required he edit out the girl..cause “girls don’t play games”

10. Paternity Test Gone Wrong

Innocent posts 10
Image Credits: u/ErikaArreguin1 /Reddit

A Redditor reacted, ““You are not my son, you are not adopted, you are a bastard”“. What a way for the child to lose his innocent sense of humor.

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11. The Fred

The Origins of Odyssey
Image Credits: u/ShaunMateiko /Reddit

Some Redditors said, “Yeah, you learned misinformation based upon a joke.
odyssey means a long and eventful or adventurous journey or experience, it can be about a singular person, but it can also be about a singular journey with multiple people. It does not mean there is a sole survivor.
The odyssey by Homer is where this post comes from but while it’s origin comes from one persons journey as a sole survivor of a 10 year long journey, it does not mean everyone else dies.
TL;DR: this post is a joke. It’s not factual. But I have an investment opportunity for you if you DM me…

12. Eye Tests

Eye test
Image Credits: u/Psycho3333 /Reddit

A Redditor said, “Honestly if I worked for an eye doctors office I would definitely do this for everyone just to be funny.

13. Has NASA Thought About This?

Image Credits: r/DaFunkJunkie/Reddit

A Redditor said, “I had a hermaphroditic turkey when I was a kid. She laid eggs, but she grew a beard like a male and tried to mate with the other female turkeys. She was an oddball turkey but she had chicks nonetheless.

14. Sharks

Shark attack
Image Credits: u/HybridS9ldier /Reddit

A Redditor said, “Heck there was a time you could see bull sharks pulling wagons. What do people think we did before cars? This generation I swear

15. Showers

Image Credits: u/Few_Swordfish54 /Reddit

A Redditor explained, “Technically, if you don’t shower but change your clothing and underwear regularly and use natural deodorant, your body has the ability to develop a microbiome that allows you to basically never shower and not stink. Modern society has so many taboos about it because they just generally aren’t aware of what their bodies are capable of. Look it up. It’s real.
Source: Haven’t showered for 3 years, and don’t stink. Even my aunt, with a super sensitive nose for BO, told me she can’t smell anything when she hugs me, and she’s as blunt as they come.
AMA, I’m happy to explain anything to anyone who has questions.” This might be innocent, but it still stinks.

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16. Abstract Art

A Redditor explained, “Perhaps in the early days of abstract art, but nowadays it feels more like a bunch of pretentious self absorbed hacks sniffing their own farts and scamming some rich idiots into shelling out money for worthless junk they claim is “art”. I still remember that story of a bunch of “art buffs” who mistook glasses left on the floor of a museum for “art”…
Even worse, I remember an art student in Toronto who made a fake bomb and left it inside an art museum, claiming it was an art piece… they rightly deported his ass and he cried that it was unfair and blamed people in Canada for not understanding his “art”.

17. A Phineas and Ferb Romance

Phineas and Ferb
Image Credits: u/x0Xero0x/Reddit

A Redditor said, “Honestly and I like how subtle yet at the same time in your face it is. If you’re not aware of it, all the hints will go over your head. But once you notice one you’ll start noticing all of them

18. Starbucks

Image Credits: u/Merlins_Owl/Reddit

Who was shot? Also, a Redditor added: “You forgot another possibility…they could have shot the manager in the head! They never necessarily specified who did the shooting.” It does not seem like anyone there is going to be innocent.

19. Kanye West

Kanye West
image Credits: u/KristaW_ /Reddit

A Redditor added, “So if the timeline holds, he goes to prison. Now think of the confusion that causes… the Aryan Brotherhood be scratching their bald heads, trying to decide if they kill him because he’s black, or protect him because he loves Hitler…” This Redditor does not have an innocent mind, to say the least.

20. Chess

Innocent post 20
Image Credits: u/LeonardoDaNinja /Reddit

Some Redditors joked, ““Oh no, you drew “Get High and Miss Tournament”. Go back five spaces and lose a turn.” The innocent game will have a hard time maintaining its innocence if it follows the series!

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