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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
June 25, 2024 ·  7 min read

40+ Wholesome Posts That May Be Just What You Need Today

Memes have become such a staple in today’s online world that it wouldn’t shock most people if they found out that the entire infrastructure of what we call the World Wide Web is practically built out of memes. It just makes sense. There’s an old saying that goes, “You are what you eat”… or in this case, what you consume online… well, you see where this is going. Even though you might not think you need any evidence of how effective a wholesome post is, you’re going to see it regardless with Epic Texts. This is a Facebook meme page filled with a mix of hilariously funny and genuinely wholesome texts and memes that you’re sure to enjoy!

1. A Dog’s Simple Joy

Dog with a pelican
Image Credits: Facebook

Dogs always remind us to appreciate the little things in life. Their enthusiasm is contagious and often brings a smile to our faces, no matter the day.

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2. A Happy Memory

A happy memory
Image Credits: Facebook

Reflecting on happy memories can bring a smile to your face anytime. It reminds us of the good times and provides a sense of comfort and joy.

3. A Baby’s Laughter

Image Credits: Facebook

There’s nothing more infectious than a baby’s genuine laughter. It’s a pure happiness booster that can brighten even the darkest days.

4. Screen Time

wholesome post 4
Image Credits: Facebook

People can forget that Television was originally one of the most innovative methods of spreading information and education. This wholesome post is one example.

5. Small Beginnings

Wholesome post 5
Image Credits: Facebook

It does not matter how small the fruits of your labor is. What matters is that you start. It can soon be a flowering and strong tree.

6. What Is That?

Wholesome post 6
Image Credits: Facebook

Some animals are just born to be as cute as possible. If you put them in such an appropriate environment, you get this wholesome post.

7. They Always Knew

Wholesome post 7
Image Credits: Facebook

Sometimes, we struggle with finding friends. But if you have friends like this, you have to be one of the luckiest people around.

8. Black Sheep Crockery

Wholesome post 8
Image Credits: Facebook

Even if we replace this piece of crockery, we will still have that one that we will scoff at, every chance we get. We usually don’t even know why.

9. Fruit and Cat

Wholesome post 9
Image Credits: Facebook

Two of the world’s most favorite and cute things combine to create this wholesome post: a strawberry that looks like a cat’s paw!

10. Too Polite

Wholesome post 10
Image Credits: Facebook

It is not a surprise to have parents who are not very handy with modern technology and internet lingo. However, this father was probably a bit too polite.

11. Two Cuties

Wholesome post 11
Image Credits: Facebook

No matter how you look like when the FaceTime connects for the first time, you are still the cutest around! Just like these two friends.

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12. Dinner?

Wholesome post 12
Image Credits: Facebook

Language is not mandatory. Sometimes, it is only a hindrance to communicating something that can be said so much easier.

13. The Jaws Of A Prank

Wholesome post 13
Image Credits: Facebook

Who needs enemies when you have friends like these? But, still, jokes aside, this one is a pretty entertaining and thoughtful prank.

14. Test Drive

Wholesome post 14
Image Credits: Facebook

There cannot be a better way to test out speakers than to hear them aloud. On that note, the buyer did it the most efficient way possible.

15. Eyes on the Prize

Wholesome post 15
Image Credits: Facebook

It is tough to interrupt a professor’s class even if it is to see a cute pet. But this brave student plucked up their courage for the good of the class.

16. Intelligent Boy

Wholesome post 16
Image Credits: Facebook

Just because he is a dog, does not mean he does not have an undercover life! You have to wonder just why that dog needed to do this and hide it too!

17. Who’s The Owner?

Wholesome post 17
Image Credits: Facebook

The house in the post is quite an interesting one. However, it seems like the “lamblord” is quite strict with the rules.

18. Always a Baby

Wholesome post 18
Image Credits: Facebook

Let’s get one thing straight: cats never grow up. Period. As this wholesome post explains, they will always crave your attention and be as needy as a baby.

19. Customer Service

Wholesome post 19
Image Credits: Facebook

A customer is a customer, be it at a restaurant or inside an Uber. This Uber driver knew how to take care of his customer’s most basic needs.

20. Sleep Trumps All

Wholesome post 20
Image Credits: Facebook

You cannot expect people to be hyper-attentive and conscious while they are enjoying their night’s sleep. But, you can expect some of the funniest responses possible.

21. Self-Aware

Wholesome post 21
Image Credits: Facebook

This cat definitely seems to know about their place in the family. They have turned up in this wholesome post just to solidify it.

22. Intelligent Kid

Wholesome post 22
Image Credits: Facebook

That is some pretty realistic photocopy. Kudos to the kid for figuring out this clever way of pranking their mother.

23. Does He Get The Raise?

Wholesome post 23
Image Credits: Facebook

Your best well-wisher can come from the most surprising sources. In this case, it was the poster’s little sister who probably had no clue about OP’s job.

24. Watchful Eye

Wholesome post 24
Image Credits: Facebook

Imagine having so many pair of eyes constantly watching over you. These owls are not even trying to hide their interest anymore.

25. Kind Kids

Wholesome post 25
Image Credits: Facebook

You know you have been successful as a parent when you hear your kids approaching disappointment in this manner. Congratulations to the OP of this wholesome post.

26. Generosity is a Trait

Wholesome post 26
Image Credits: Facebook

You can teach kindness and generosity, but learning and applying it is a personality trait. These kids definitely have it, as shown in this wholesome post.

27. You Were Supposed To Stop Them! Not Join Them!

Wholesome post 27
Image Credits: Facebook

I bet this dog was supposed to keep the flock from grouping up like this. But it seems like he has joined the other side.

28. A Tiny Achievement

Wholesome post 28
Image Credits: Facebook

No matter how small the achievement might seem, it will be praiseworthy to someone. Or, in this case, to their pet cat.

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29. Lifelong Secret

Wholesome post 29
Image Credits: Facebook

There are some things you can only share with the siblings of your loved ones. For those who don’t have that fortune, it is a missed experience.

30. The Cookie Box

Wholesome post 30
Image Credits: Facebook

Everyone knows that the family’s sewing kit has only one home: the empty cookie container. However, this man seems to have other ideas.

31. Innovation

Wholesome post 31
Image Credits: Facebook

You don’t have to be the best at something, to make something unique and interesting. This wholesome post shows how using existing pages can create an awesome effect.

32. A Pet’s Antics

Wholesome post 32
Image Credits: Facebook

Watching your pet’s silly antics can be endlessly entertaining. Pets bring joy and laughter into our lives with their playful behavior.

33. The Land Before Time

Wholesome post 33
Image Credits: Facebook

If you want to create cinema from the most boring of pictures, then just insert some dinosaur toys. This wholesome post can be a still out of Jurassic Park and no one would know.

34. Always In The Right

Wholesome post 34
Image Credits: Facebook

This is actually a recurring problem among couples. However, this is the first time anyone has come up with a confident solution.

35. A True Dad

Wholesome post 35
Image Credits: Facebook

It’s only a license to start with, after all, so there should be a bit of leniency. But this father decided to make sure his stepdaughter passed in this wholesome post.

36. Distraction

Wholesome post
Image Credits: Facebook

There are just so many sources of media and entertainment that are easily available to us, we don’t even have to choose anymore.

37. A Family Pet

Image Credits: Facebook

Pets bring joy and companionship into our lives, making them brighter. Their unconditional love and loyalty are truly special.

38. Cutest Ever

Image Credits: Facebook

We know that sloths are known for their “slowness”. But let that never overshadow how cute their younger versions are!

39. Attentive

Image Credits: Facebook

Honestly, these kinds of people are a godsend, particularly for introverts. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to whoever makes these simple gestures.

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40. Cat Distribution System

Image Credits: Facebook

This wholesome post is another excellent example of the fabled cat distribution system in action. We don’t choose cats, they choose us.

41. Band-Aid

Wholesome post 41
Image Credits: Facebook

We had no clue that the color of the band-aid was meant to blend into our skin color. We always thought that’s just how the material is!

42. A Life Saved

Wholesome post 42
Image Credits: Facebook

There is no life to small or too short that is not worth saving. This wholesome post proves that, and also restores our faith in humanity.

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