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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
June 29, 2024 ·  4 min read

20 People Share Some of The Most Bewildering Old Objects They’ve Ever Found

There are many strange things in this world. Most of the time, the objects go undiscovered. But sometimes, we stumble across an object that can leave us feeling uncanny for years. Here is a collection of such items.

1. An Obvious Conclusion

Strange object 1
Image Credits: u/TheTaroMaster/Reddit

With 2,523 votes, the unsettling nature of this image is evident. It’s as if someone reached an obvious, yet disturbing conclusion with the help of that object.

2. Grin And Bear It

Several teeth on a basin.
Image Credits: u/xPIRATE62xReddit

Earning 2,264 votes, this image is unsettling, making you question the intent behind any smile. It must have been painful, to say the least, to lose that many teeth.

3. Burn Everything

Strange objects 3: Disturbing blisters on the skin
Image Credits: u/BeardedOland/Reddit

With 3,434 votes, the urge to set everything on fire seems like the only rational response to this unsettling sight of these disturbing blisters on the skin.

4. Bleak

Strange object 4: tombstone of despair
Image Credits: a former Redditor/Reddit

This image, voted unsettling by 2,070 people, exudes a sense of hopelessness and desolation. What a tragic end it must have been for the person.

5. S̶a̶t̶a̶n̶ Santa

Strange object 5: Creepy santa mask
Image Credits: u/Imbendixen85/Reddit

Garnering 1,682 votes, this creepy Santa image feels more diabolical than festive. Did the people who chose this mask not see how it looks?

6. Now He Will Imprison Us

Strange object 6: clay sculpture in prison
Image Credits: u/TheEpicWeezl/Reddit

With 1,889 votes, the unsettling image suggests an ominous fate of imprisonment. However, the truth is, as one commenter says: “That was for an exhibition in that prison a few years ago, featuring a bunch of Montana clay artists. That piece was done by my good friend Chris Riccardo.”

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7. An Omen

Strange object 7: creepy doll
Image Credits: u/mikelp82/Reddit

This image, with 1,462 votes, is unsettling, hinting at a dark and foreboding omen. As a user explains: “Yep it’s a koshari, known in the spirit world as trouble makers, there is also a book about them called sacred clowns- tony hillerman“.

8. Spicy Water

Strange object 8: inside of an old pipe
Image Credits: u/DiFreightTrain/Reddit

Voted unsettling by 1,511 people, this image makes you question what exactly is in that water. This is also why pipes like these need regular maintenance.

9. 68 Is Great

An old picture of OP's father with a cigarette.
Image Credits: a former Redditor/Reddit

Earning 1,500 votes, the unsettling nature of this image makes you wonder about how the older times looked at cigarettes if a kid this young was allowed a puff.

10. It’s Not Easy Being Green

Strange objects 10: a very poorly maintained aquarium
Image Credits: u/yungnissan/Reddit

With 1,311 votes, this unsettling image plays on the idea that being green is far from simple. Of course, if your objects are this dirty, then you are doing something very wrong.

11. It Might Still Be Good TBH

Disturbing object 11: A year old fast food
Image Credits: u/dsmfreak/Reddit

Receiving 1,197 votes, this image suggests an unsettling yet hopeful perspective that fast food that has been left to rot for a year “might still be good”.

12. If You Eat It, You Can Travel Back In Time

Disturbing objects 12: very old pizza

Voted unsettling by 969 people, this strange image promises a bizarre time-travel experience if consumed. You will at least be going somewhere, spiritually, if you taste this pizza.

Whatever Reason That’s There For, It Can’t Be Good

Disturbing objects 13: Handcuffs tied to a tree
Image Credits: u/sketchy270/Reddit

With 1,078 votes, this image is unsettling because if you haven’t noticed: there’s a pair of handcuffs tied to the tree. One must wonder if there was something held captive there.

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14. TS-Nay

Earning 976 votes, this unsettling image suggests that even the notorious TSA can miss the elements that can be used to make an impromptu bomb.

15. Eat It For Good Luck

Cake in an album
Image Credits: u/aristotle_sux/Reddit

This image, with 867 votes, unsettlingly proposes that consuming it will bring good luck. Regardless, it is one of the weirder objects to keep in an album as a memory.

16. Large Pheasant

Creepy big bird costume
Image Credits: u/Sintres/Reddit

With 801 votes, this image is unsettling because of the unusually large size of the Big Bird costume. Then again, costumed entertainers at kids’ parties were always a bit off.

17. Mine Your Business

Abandoned Mine in Brazil
Image Credits: u/Edo-Ardo/Reddit

Earning 821 votes, this unsettling image suggests a caution to be wary of what’s underneath your familiar city. In Brazil, it was a century-old abandoned mine.

18. Lives Are At Steak

This steak has seen a decade in the freezer
Image Credits: u/KoRnBrony/Reddit

Voted unsettling by 827 people, this is one of the more unsettling objects simply because it can happen to any of us. We bet the mother had spent many a sleepless night wondering where the steak went.

19. Well That Sucks

A decade-old unpaid parking ticket
Image Credits: u/eacos/Reddit

Receiving 729 votes, there are some objects that are better left lost. This decade-old unpaid parking ticket is a perfect example of that.

20. Paleo Diet

A fridge full of SNES cartridges
Image Credits: u/5_Frog_Margin/Reddit

With 658 votes, this unsettling image humorously comments on the extremes of the paleo diet.

It’s peculiar how such ordinary items can transform into something so strangely unsettling. The eeriness lingers, leaving an odd impression that is both fascinating and disconcerting.

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