Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
May 9, 2024 ·  9 min read

30 Hiding Spots to Outsmart Burglars

Creating secure hiding spots in your home can significantly enhance the protection of your valuables against burglars. The key is to think creatively and choose locations that are not only inconspicuous but also blend seamlessly into your daily life. Here are thirty hiding spots, along with additional details and tips to maximize their effectiveness:

1. Behind a Removable Baseboard

Image Credits: Pixabay

Utilize the dead space behind baseboards by cutting a small section that can be pulled away or hinged open. Attach strong magnets or small brackets to keep it closed yet easily accessible to you. This spot is perfect for storing documents, extra cash, or small valuables that are flat. Ensure the cut is clean and the replaced section matches the wall perfectly, making it invisible to anyone who isn’t specifically looking for it.

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2. Inside a Vent or Air Return

Image Credits: Pinterest

Transform a standard vent or air return into a discreet hiding place by attaching a small, lightweight container to the inside. The container should be securely fastened to ensure it doesn’t obstruct airflow or rattle, which might draw attention. This method is ideal for small electronics, jewelry, or documents. Remember to periodically check and clean the vent to prevent dust buildup and maintain air quality.

3. Within a False Bottom Drawer

Image Credits: Pixabay

Modify a drawer by adding a false bottom that can easily be lifted to reveal a hidden compartment. This is particularly effective in office desks or dressers where the additional layer wouldn’t be suspected. To avoid detection, the false bottom should fit snugly and be made from material similar to the drawer. Consider using thin wood or thick cardboard, depending on the weight of the items you’re hiding.

4. Behind a Detachable Electrical Outlet

Detachable electrical outlet
Image Credits: Pinterest

Install a non-functional, detachable electrical outlet that blends in with real outlets in your home. Use a shallow box behind it to store small items such as keys, USB drives, or cash. This faux outlet must be indistinguishable from functional ones and placed in a plausible location to avoid arousing suspicion. Always ensure safety by avoiding any contact with actual electrical wiring.

5. In a Hollowed-Out Book

Hollow Book
Image Credits: Pinterest

Select a book that will not draw attention to your bookshelf and carefully remove the inner pages to create a compartment. This classic method is excellent for hiding small, flat items. Choose one that matches the reading material you typically keep to ensure the book blends in. For added security, place the book among others on a shelf, making it harder for burglars to single out.

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6. Underneath a Potted Plant

Potted Plant
Image Credits: Pinterest

This method involves placing your valuables in a waterproof container and burying them in the soil of a larger potted plant. The container should be small and sealed tightly to prevent water damage. This spot is less suitable for frequently used items but can be perfect for emergency cash or backup keys. Ensure the plant looks well cared for to avoid drawing attention to the pot.

7. Inside a Door

Image Credits: Unsplash

Doors, particularly solid-core types, can be modified to include a hidden compartment. This can be achieved by removing a section of the door’s top or side, inserting a container, and then sealing it back up. The compartment can hold spare keys, important notes, or small valuables. This method requires precise work to ensure the modification is not visible and the door’s functionality is not compromised.

8. Within a Staircase

Hidden stairway storage
Image Credits: Pinterest

Staircases can conceal a surprisingly spacious hiding area within or underneath. Consider creating a secret drawer in one of the risers or a compartment beneath the stairs. This area can store larger items, including documents, spare electronics, or emergency supplies. Ensure the modification is subtle and blends with the staircase design to keep it hidden from view.

9. Behind a Picture Frame

Picture frame
Image Credits: Unsplash

Larger, wall-mounted frames can be modified to house a secret compartment behind the picture. This requires a frame deep enough to conceal the compartment without bulging noticeably. Choose a location and frame that doesn’t invite close inspection, and secure it well to the wall to avoid accidental discovery.

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10. In the Garage Among Tools

Image Credits: Unsplash

A cluttered garage can be an excellent place to hide valuables in plain sight. Create false compartments within existing toolboxes or modify equipment to serve as a hidden storage space. This method works

11. Incognito Cash in the Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets
Image Credits: Unsplash

The kick plate beneath your kitchen cabinets can be removed and refitted with hinges to create a discreet drawer. This area is perfect for storing spare cash or valuables that you prefer to keep close by in the kitchen, away from the more obvious hiding spots in bedrooms and offices.

12. Closet Hanger Camouflage

Image Credits: Unsplash

A closet hanger can be designed or modified to include a compartment for hiding valuables. This could be as simple as a hanger with a hollowed-out section for small items. The hanger should look and function like any other to ensure it doesn’t stand out. This method is ideal for hiding items in plain sight, disguised amongst your clothing.

13. Clockwork Secret

Clock with hidden compartment
Image Credits: Pinterest

Large wall clocks can be easily modified to include a hidden compartment behind the face. This spot is ideal for small, flat items such as documents, cash, or jewelry. Ensure the clock mechanism is still functional and that the modification doesn’t affect its ability to tell time accurately. A clock in a living room or hallway can serve as the perfect decoy.

14. Undercover Floorboards

Image Credits: Unsplash

A classic hiding spot with a modern twist, loose floorboards can be strategically modified to lift up, revealing a storage space underneath. This method requires careful selection of the board to ensure it’s not in a high-traffic area where the modification might be discovered. It’s ideal for larger items that you don’t need to access frequently.

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15. Secretive Shelf

Floating shelf
Image Credits: Pinterest

Adding a secret compartment to a shelf, where the bottom shelf panel can slide out or lift up, creates an excellent hidden storage space. This works well in built-in shelving units where the modification can be blended into the design. The compartment can hold a variety of items, from books with sensitive information to small electronic devices.

16. The False Wall Facade

Image Credits: Unsplash

Creating a false wall in the back of a closet can yield a large hidden area, perfect for storing valuables or even a small safe. The false wall should be constructed to match the interior of the closet seamlessly. This space can be customized in size based on what you intend to hide, from larger heirlooms to important document files.

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17. The Retired Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner
Image Credits: Pinterest

An old vacuum cleaner that still looks functional can be repurposed as a hiding spot. Remove the bag and use the compartment to store valuables. This method is especially good for valuables that you don’t need to access often, as the vacuum can remain in plain sight without arousing suspicion.

18. Bathtub Base Bonanza

Image Credits: Pinterest

Many bathtubs have a side panel that can be removed for plumbing access. This space can be utilized to hide valuables in waterproof containers. It’s an uncommon area for burglars to check and provides ample space for larger items. Ensure the panel is reattached securely to avoid accidental discoveries.

19. Attic Insulation Adventure

Attic insulation
Image Credits: Pinterest

For items you rarely need but want to keep secure, hiding them within the insulation in your attic can be very effective. Place valuables in a waterproof and rodent-proof container before burying them in the insulation. This spot is especially suited for long-term storage items that are sensitive or valuable.

20. Custom Built, Cleverly Concealed

Sofa with hidden compartment
Image Credits: Pinterest

Furniture with built-in hiding spots can be both functional and a great conversation piece. Whether it’s a chair with a hidden compartment under the cushion, a coffee table with a secret drawer, or a bookcase with a moveable panel, custom furniture can provide a highly secure and personalized hiding spot for various items.

21. Fire Extinguisher Surprise

Fire extinguisher
Image Credits: Unsplash

Old or expired fire extinguishers can be repurposed for discreet storage. Empty the contents (following safety guidelines!), refill the canister with valuables, and remount it on the wall bracket. Just ensure it remains easily accessible in case of a real fire emergency.

22. Air Conditioner Accomplice

Air conditioner
Image Credits: Unsplash

Many air conditioners have a removable air filter panel. If there’s sufficient space behind the panel, you can place flat valuables in a slim, waterproof pouch and secure it there. Remember to replace the filter regularly to maintain air quality.

23. Smoke Detector Decoy

Smoke detector
Image Credits: Pixabay

Similar to the fire extinguisher trick, some smoke detectors can be modified for covert storage. Consult a professional to ensure deactivation and safe removal of any electrical components before using this method.

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24. Shoebox Shenanigans:

Image Credits: Pixabay

In a well-organized shoe closet, a slightly altered shoebox can blend right in. Carefully cut a removable section in the bottom and utilize it to store small valuables.

25. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Image Credits: Unsplash

Large framed mirrors, particularly those in bathrooms or hallways, can be modified with a hidden compartment behind the reflective surface. This method is ideal for flat items like documents or jewelry.

26. The Art of Diversion

Image Credits: Unsplash

If you have a decorative hollow sculpture or figurine, it might be the perfect candidate for a hidden compartment. Carefully assess the piece and create a small opening to stash valuables inside.

27. Under the Rug

Image Credits: Unsplash

This classic trick can still be effective if done cleverly. Instead of hiding valuables directly under the center of the rug, lift a corner in a low-traffic area and place them in a sealed container underneath the padding.

28. Behind the Laundry Chute

Image Credits: Unsplash

Depending on your laundry chute design, you might be able to access a hidden cavity behind it. This can be a suitable spot for larger, flat items you don’t need frequent access to.

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29. The Key Cutlery Caper

Image Credits: Unsplash

A hollowed-out handle of a large wooden spoon or spatula in your cutlery drawer can be a great place to stash spare keys or small flash drives.

30. Fake Sprinkler Surprise

Image Credits: Unsplash

For outdoor hiding, consider a cleverly disguised container buried beneath a fake sprinkler head. Ensure the container is waterproof and avoid placing it in an area with frequent digging or foot traffic. Remember: While these hiding spots can offer an extra layer of security, it’s crucial to prioritize strong home security measures like secure doors, windows, and alarm systems.


Each of these hiding spots offers a unique way to secure your valuables from potential burglars. By incorporating one or more of these ideas into your home, you’ll not only protect your belongings but also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having well-concealed hiding places. Remember, the effectiveness of these spots relies on their remaining secret, so choose wisely and limit who you share this information with.

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