Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
April 5, 2024 ·  2 min read

Woman Loved Her Name Until Amazon ‘Ruined It’ For Her – Now People Tease Her All The Time

Thank you to Amazon for transforming her name—which she never intended to be—into something she doesn’t enjoy anymore. See your name associated with well-known locations such as London. Some amusing remarks are to be expected, right? However, Alexa Nizam’s parents never would have imagined that their daughter’s name would end up as a joke.

Being named after celebrities is one thing, but in 2015, a device was introduced that completely changed Alexa’s world. Yes, we are referring to well-known queries like “Alexa, what’s the weather?” and “Alexa, what’s the time?” features that have made the Amazon device somewhat of a joke in popular culture. This technological device has essentially “ruined” Alexa Nizam’s reputation.  She told Business Insider about her experience, saying:

As a child, I cherished the name Alexa. I’ve always been content with the name Rebecca and have never had a reason to feel differently, with the exception of a brief fixation in first grade.” 

Alexa Nizam
Image Credits: Alexa Nizam

However, everything changed when Alexa from Amazon arrived, making her moniker a continual source of jokes. Most people asked Alexa if she liked sharing the name with Amazon’s new device, but at first, she said the references were “subtle.” “I’d say that while they [Amazon] should have gone with something more obscure, it hadn’t really affected me,” she stated.  “I was so naive.” 

The jokes just kept coming, and before long, Alexa noticed that she was becoming very tired of hearing her own name. She said: “I worked at a department store in 2018, and at least once a day, a customer would make fun of my name.” “‘What’s the weather today, Alexa?”What time is it, Alexa?‘”

Some would even say things like, ‘I bet you get those jokes all the time,’ as if they weren’t part of the onslaught themselves.”  And getting to know new people became something Alexa dreaded because she was afraid they would make fun of her name again.

Alexa’s Pandemic Echo Woes

You would think she might have had a break from all of that during the pandemic. Nope. “During Zoom calls with coworkers, if anyone said my name, someone’s device would go off in the background,” Alexa stated. 

Even with all the highs and lows, Alexa is starting to feel comfortable with her name once more. She concluded her account by saying, “I’m still proud to be named Alexa, despite the ups and downs.” Her sole request? Don’t ask her what the weather is like, please.

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