Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
April 18, 2023 ·  3 min read

Social media prank puts mother in the hospital

As every mother can attest, a solitary trip to Target is a precious experience. However, during her recent visit to the popular store, a California mother found herself in a startling sequence of events that culminated in a hospital visit. Lana Clay-Monaghan had gone to the store on Sunday, March 26, to purchase summer clothing for her twin boys. They were just eight months old.

She was enthusiastic about buying items in pairs as summer approached. As she perused the aisles, she became fixated on her mission. However, she was unexpectedly overcome by a sensation. “It became instantly dark,” she recounts. “I began to scream, but as the object was very near my face, I couldn’t breathe properly. I struggled to remove it.”

Although authorities later confirmed the item was a bucket, Clay-Monaghan was so startled by the sudden attack that she began flailing her arms in an effort to break free. Unaware of what was occurring. She explained, “I managed to remove the bucket and glanced behind me. There were two guys, recording me on their phones and laughing. I tried to speak, but nothing came out.”

A social media prank victim
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An epilepsy sufferer, Clay tried to warn them

Clay-Monaghan attempted to shout, “Help, I have epilepsy,” but was unable to do so. Subsequently, she fell to the ground and hit her head hard. According to a press release from the Tustin Police Department, “four male juveniles entered Target” around 2:45 p.m. and wandered around before one of them grabbed a bucket and placed it over the head of an adult female shopper.

According to the statement, “the female shopper likely fainted and was taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition, and a police report was filed.” “It appears that the juveniles were trying to mimic the current social media craze where they put a bucket on a stranger’s head and record their response. There is no immediate threat to the community.”

This social media prank has been popular on platforms like TikTok lately, involving a group of people placing a bucket, lampshade, or garbage can on an unsuspecting person’s head, frequently in a store. However, with pranks, particularly physical ones, it’s difficult to anticipate how they’ll turn out, particularly if you don’t know the individual. This particular prank went from “childish fun” to “an extremely preventable terrible incident” very quickly.

In and out of consciousness, the social media prank victim was convinced she would actually die

Clay-Monaghan claims she passed out and only partially recovered consciousness during the ambulance ride when she was questioned. Clay-Monaghan explains that she was quite disoriented and did not regain her senses until she arrived at the trauma hospital. She thought to herself, “It’s my turn.” She assumed there had been a shooting since her last recollection was of being in a public location.

When I came to, they told me I was a victim of assault,” she continues. “My clothing was sliced off.” This “prank” was traumatic in every aspect, and it’s heartbreaking for this poor mother. She simply wanted to buy adorable baby clothes at her favorite shop, and this is what occurred.

Video Credit: Inside / YouTube

According to Clay-Monaghan, blood work conducted at the hospital showed an “acute heart problem.” Her doctor informed her that she most likely suffered a seizure when she fell, but it was the heart problem that caused her to pass out. In a written statement, a Target spokesperson informed that “The safety of our guests and team members is Target’s top priority.”

We sympathize with the victim of this incident and appreciate the efforts of our team members who provided immediate help,” the spokesperson added. “We take any form of harassment seriously and are cooperating closely with the Tustin Police Department in their inquiry.”

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