Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
March 15, 2024 ·  3 min read

Simon Cowell Reveals Drastic Facial Change 

On February 24, Simon Cowell appeared in the first show of the last season of Saturday Night Takeaway. Fans of the show, however, weren’t talking about the jokes that the hosts Ant and Dec played on the music mogul. Instead, they were talking about how different Simon looked. The 64-year-old woman, who was the first person the duo pulled a trick on in 2003, went back to the 20th season of the variety show to talk about the jokes.

In the first one, a fake police officer stopped Simon on his morning bike ride and accused him of a bunch of made-up crimes. On the other hand, Ant & Dec made fun of the music producer live on America’s Got Talent for the second joke. According to The Sun, the two hosts set up a fake magic show and got Simon locked inside a metal box with chains. The masked performer then pretended to take the keys.

Stephen Merchant, a comic who was also on the show, couldn’t help but say something about Simon’s look. When asked if he liked seeing the talent show judge get pranked, Stephen acted to sound like Simon and said, “I didn’t like it, I loved it.” He then joked, “That’s my Cowell impression, but it doesn’t work very well because my face moved.” People in the audience gasped at Stephen’s joke, and people on social media didn’t seem too pleased, with many posting about how they felt about Simon’s facial transformation. Just for the record, here is how Simon Cowell looked through the years:

Cowell in 2020 promoting #ChildrenHospitalWeek on social media
Image Credits: simoncowell | Instagram

From Fillers to Fatherhood: Simon Cowell’s Transformation

On X (what used to be Twitter), someone wrote, “I was shocked to see Simon Cowell on TV last night.” “What in the world did he do to his face?” “Simon Cowell walking on stage on Ant & Dec tonight,” wrote someone else. “About 5% of what he was born with is still there“. “Really, how much work has Simon Cowell done?” “He can’t move his face!” said a third person.

The father of one says he has never had a facelift, but he has said he has used Botox and fillers in the past. “There was a time when everyone had different things pumped into their faces,” he told The Sun. “The other day I saw a picture of myself from “before” and at first I didn’t believe it was me.

But in April 2022, the music mogul told everyone that he was giving up injectables. His son Eric, whom he has with American Lauren Silverman, was “in hysterics” at the time. Simon looks much thinner because he made big changes to what he eats. It wasn’t until October 2017 that he chose to stop eating unhealthy foods like sausage rolls, hamburgers, and jam tarts and become a vegan. He has lost 20 pounds since then. “I changed what I ate in 24 hours and haven’t gone back since.” “You look and feel better,” he told her. “I stopped eating a lot of things I knew I shouldn’t have, mostly meat, dairy, wheat, and sugar.

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