Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 26, 2024 ·  3 min read

Ring Doorbell Customers in UK Furious Over ‘Scandalous’ Price Rise Warn People Not To Buy Them

Customers of the Ring Doorbell, are warning others not to purchase them and threatening not to renew their membership because of an “unjustifiable” price increase. For the past several years, Ring Doorbells have been a popular security solution because of its quick installation process and fairly reasonable pricing. Simply charge the battery, place the camera near your front entrance, and use the app to connect it to the internet. This enables you to monitor any possible illegal activities occurring on your land. Ring cameras have also recorded footage of inebriated family members, “phantom farters“, and even huge cats. 

Customers may view what’s happening at their property as long as they have their phone with them. However, there is a monthly charge to record the footage, which comes in handy if someone does attempt to get into your home, for example. Additionally, the provider of the smart doorbell has notified consumers via email that the cost of its plan would be going up. This is for those who own a portable outside camera. Ring notified its UK customers on the Portable Basic Plan who were previously £3.49 a month or £34.99 per year- that they would be charged an additional £15 or £18 if they paid monthly instead of the £34.99 per year that they were previously paying. Their annual cost will soar to an astounding £49.99, or £4.99 each month. 

According to a report by Sky News, this implies that certain consumers would pay 100 percent more than they did in March 2022. “Since Ring launched its Protect Basic Plan in 2015, we’ve regularly found ways to enhance the plan to give our customers more value,” an Amazon-owned firm representative told LADbible, “we are revising the cost of our Protect Basic plan as well as keep making investments in the services we provide. The monthly cost of Ring Protect Basic will rise to £4.99 on March 11, 2024. We believe that Ring Protect offers some of the best value in the industry.

What Do People Have To Say About The Sudden Price Rise Of The Ring Doorbell?

According to Lad Bible, customers have taken to Twitter to voice their disapproval of the price hike. One user wrote: “@ring, your price increase is unjustifiable during a crisis in the cost of living!!!” The problem is, you know that people will pay! Next year, what will it be like? £10 a month, compared to just £2 when I first joined, three or four years ago!

I’ll be getting rid of the three cameras and doorbell I have, out of principle,” stated another person. “It’s a shame we can’t all pull together as a society & boycott all of these ‘price hikes’ & show we’re not here to be taken the p**s out of.” And a fourth concurred: “The £15.00 Ring doorbell protection plan will increase.” No, I’m not going to renew mine. Complete daytime theft!

A fifth, in the meantime, wrote: “To anybody considering purchasing @ring_uk The yearly cost of Ring Protect is £24.99 in 2022, £34.99 in 2023, and £49.99 in 2024.They know exactly what they’re doing as the doorbell is effectively useless without the plan. Very disappointing. #homesecurity #ringdoorbell #CostOfLivingCrisis.” It appears that you will now need to pay over fifty pounds a year to watch videos of real daylight thieves. The tech giant, which is owned by Amazon, has seen some negative feedback in response to this decision because its entry-level membership plan will now cost £49.99 per device instead of £34.99. 

Without a membership, you can still use a Ring Doorbell, but you will be missing out on many of the features, which is why there are alternatives to pay more for more.  If you subscribed to their basic plan in 2022, you would now have to pay twice as much as you did only a few years earlier, because it cost £24.99 a year for each device.

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