Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 2, 2024 ·  2 min read

‘Waste of Time’: Woman Says She Was Rejected from 100 Jobs Despite College Degree

An Australian woman who applied to 100 jobs without success said she had “wasted her time” in college. Shakira Coldwell, a Gold Coast native, is very familiar with the difficulties of breaking into the profession.

Shakira revealed in a TikTok post earlier this week that she studied for three years to obtain her bachelor’s degree in health and has been job searching for the past month.

“It is really difficult for a recent graduate to find employment without any experience,” Coldwell remarked before posing the age-old query, “How am I going to gain experience if no one will hire me?” Considering that many entry-level positions require at least some business expertise, it’s a predicament that many people will be all too acquainted with.

“I’m literally struggling to get a job in hospitality at this point, even with a Bachelor’s degree,” Coldwell said. The TikToker disclosed that she had submitted over 100 job applications, with only roughly three of them contacting her back.

Coldwell went for an interview at a nearby theme park after failing to secure employment in the health field, but he was not successful there either. You ‘don’t necessarily need a degree to work there,’ Coldwell noted, making it clear that she was ‘not trying to disrespect’ anyone who does work at a theme park.

The TikToker sharing his experience with job hunting even after having a college degree.
Image Credits: TikTok / shakira.coldwell

Therefore, since she ‘can’t even obtain a job in what [she] studied in,’ it seemed like she had ‘wasted [her] time’ at university. After posting the TikTok with the remark, “Anyone else struggling to get a job at the moment?” Coldwell received scores of comments from people who understood her situation.

Job Search Struggles (and Support)

One viewer said, “Girl, I’ve been applying for two years,” while another said, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”It’s no joke, it’s been rough, I’ve been looking for work for over 9 months, with a university degree, even after applying for jobs in my field,” commented another.

Some viewers offered advice on how to assist Coldwell get a job. One suggested that she “pay to get [her] resume done,” while another suggested that she seek “interview coaching.” Another person said, “Start at the bottom.“Entry level roles such as medical receptionist, admin etc. if you can’t find it look into traineeships/apprenticeships.”

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