Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 8, 2024 ·  3 min read

People Call Woman’s Newly Renovated Home ‘Ugly’ But She Doesn’t Care ‘They Have Sad Lives’

A 43-year-old mother to two children, Lucy Peck, is standing firm against critics who belittled her renovated home. The criticism was against her transforming her 1930s period house in Chatham, Kent. She turned it into a modern residence of £1.4M, dubbing it a ‘chav‘ house. Dismissing trolls as individuals with ‘sad lives,‘ Lucy defended the remodeling of the house, playfully named by the family ‘Peckingham Palace‘.

The detailed and exclusive renovation included an impressive porch, a rear two-storeyed extension as well as a driveway with huge space. Of course, this altered the entire traditional look of the beautiful house. Lucy and her spouse also incorporated a pool as well as a sizable triple garage into their renovated home. Although the upgraded house has been praised by architects as a ‘light, large, contemporary home,’ social media users on X (previously called Twitter), were quite quick to criticize the changes. Comments ranged from describing it as a ‘gross glass and plastic lump‘ to sarcastic remarks about the ‘classy touch‘ of the ‘lumpy concrete garden.

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Undeterred by the negative reviews, Lucy Peck expressed her satisfaction with the modern update. She explained that they obtained planning permission for the change. She also emphasized their wish to align the house with more contemporary styles. The mum stated that it was what they liked and went for and had worked hard towards. She also added that their newly renovated home was exactly what they were hoping for and were very pleased with it. Defending her stance against online criticism, she said that if this was what people had to comment and worry about, they must have quite sad lives. Adding further that the criticisms did not bother her in any way. She clarified that the house, valued at £520,000 in 2019, is now appraised at £1.4 million after the renovations.

Lucy Opens Up About The Hard Work She And Her Family Put Into Their Newly Renovated Home

Living in the house with her spouse and three lovely children, Lucy emphasized their hard work on their renovated home. She also runs a business with her husband that deals with scaffolding projects. She highlighted their involvement in all of the decisions. Lucy asserted that the neighbors love the result, and they have received no complaints. Lucy believes that people can say whatever they want to and that their opinions are up to them. However, she and her husband had worked hard for their house, and that has improved the value of the same.

One of their neighbors, appreciating the transformation, said that they did not understand what the issue was. After all, it was up to the family living in it who chose what they wanted to live in and how they wanted it to be. The architects, describing the completed property in 2019, lauded the design for its open-plan extension. It has created a spacious living/dining/kitchen area with extensive doors with two folds and glazing, emphasizing the relationship between the rear garden and the new outdoor swimming pool. After internal remodeling, it will become a lovely house where they may host guests and unwind in their renovated home.


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