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Leah Berenson
May 4, 2024 ·  5 min read

Parents Decide to Charge Daughter Rent After She Decided Not to Go to College – Debate Ensues

A couple from Texas addressed TikTok with a pressing question regarding their decision to make their child pay rent after she opted out of going to college.

Should a Child Pay Rent?

Photo Credit: Erica Archie

Parents Cody and Erika Archie from Gatesville, Texas, shared a TikTok just before their daughter’s high school graduation in which they explained a few things. Then, they asked followers about their own ideas regarding making a child pay rent. The pair are Ranchers, and they have a popular TikTok page with more than 1 million followers— @bar7Ranch documents their lives as hard-working individuals who have raised their daughter to be a responsible adult.

Now 18, and opting not to go to college, her parents informed Kylee that on June 1st, 2022, she would be expected to pay $200 per month for rent. Fortunately, the decision to ask Kylee for rent isn’t to punish her for not going to college. Instead, it’s to give her a sense of responsibility while she figures out what she wants for her future. Cody, seemingly more strict than his wife, explained, “200 bucks a month is plenty cheap to live like a grub in your parents’ house.

Learning Responsibility

That’s cheaper than she eats in food. We think it teaches them a good lesson in paying bills.” Added his wife.

Next, the pair asked followers what their thoughts are on making an adult child pay rent. There were many mixed emotions regarding the matter, including one parent who pointed out that at 18, they’re still a child.

Photo Credit: Erica Archie

“Nope, my son is 23 and we don’t charge him. He works and helps around the house…but life is hard enough and not gonna charge my kid .” Said another parent. While follower explained it isn’t helping them save or move out in a timely manner. “If they are paying me, they aren’t saving to get out,” she said. Lastly, another person suggested it may have an undesirable impact in the future. “Saw this online…I have found parents who do this eventually aren’t close to their kids later in life.” They disclosed.

Others Also Expect a Child Pay Rent

Alternatively, some people offered a possible middle ground the pair put the money in an account to give back to Kylee when she does move out.

However, others were totally on board with the idea, sharing some of their own methods for handling this situation. “Yes! We gave my oldest son a tent and sleeping bag at the age of 18,” explained one parent.

“It’s not about the money. It’s about preparing them for what is too come,” said another.

Interestingly, with living costs on the rise over the last few years, more adult children are moving back home to live with their parents, or sticking around a little longer after high school. As a result, topics like these are becoming more frequently discussed and with that, comes more information and resources.

First, to make a decision like this, it’s important to know exactly what you’re up against. Just over 35% of younger Americans feel it’s bad for society. However, there are many apparent advantages. Younger people are having a harder time finding good-paying jobs, particularly right out of college, when student debt is crushing the majority of young adults. As a result, an opportunity to have a child pay rent might work for everyone involved. Whether it’s put into a savings account or used to help make ends meet, that isn’t the only upside to the arrangement.

Should Adults Live with Their Parents?

As people get older, their needs and abilities change. Therefore, it’s comforting to a child and helpful for the parent to be close to one another in case someone should fall, need help in the attic, and so on. Furthermore, a parent may be able to get help with everyday chores like cleaning and cooking, which can be hard on the boy especially if a parent has an ailment like Arthritis, a previous injury, or some type of autoimmune disease. In fact, according to Jessica Griffin adult children living with their parents can hurt one’s mental state, bringing up a series of mixed emotions. Therefore, it’s not unreasonable, she believes, for parents to expect their child pay rent. Or at the very least contribute around the house.


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On the other hand, this arrangement also benefits younger generations. In most cases, even if a parent has their child pay rent, parents would likely charge significantly less than the current rate of rent or a mortgage in most places in the US, right now. Therefore, the child will likely still be able to save some money.

Addressing a Child Pay Rent and Other Topics

Luckily, medical professionals have shared some coping skills for handling complications that may arise. First and foremost, establish boundaries. Talk to one another about expectations, for example, separate living spaces for privacy. Perhaps, maybe even scheduling time to be home or not so that each party has some quiet time at home on their own. Or thoughts regarding cleaning duties. Regardless of the rules that are in place, open communication is the only sure way to make sure everyone is happy at all times. If something doesn’t feel right, adjustments can be made. Be aware of possible complications relating to sharing expenses, cleaning up, spending time together, and boundaries around the use of things like alcohol.

Next, be clear about your expectations, ask for clarification, and come up with a handful of hypothetical scenarios to know where you each stand on varying everyday things. Last, check in often to address the adjustments needed, ensuring a happy and comfortable living environment for the whole family.

This article originally appeared on Secret Life of Mom and has been republished here with permission.

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