Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 3, 2024 ·  2 min read

Man Goes on Lavish Spending Spree After Couple Accidentally Sent Him a $750,000 House Payment

Following a shopping spree with thousands of dollars that had been inadvertently sent to his account, a 24-year-old man was placed in jail. A 24-year-old Sydney man called Abdel Ghadia was sentenced to prison after he went on an excessive spending binge using a sizable amount of money that had been inadvertently put into his account.

A substantial sum of money that had been inadvertently deposited into Ghadia’s account surfaced in 2021. Abdel Ghadia, who resides in Sydney, finally pleaded guilty to two offense counts of handling revenue that stemmed from when the money, which seemed to have come out of the blue, had been deposited in his account in 2021.

A young husband and wife who were collecting funds for their new home gave us $750,000 AUD (US $511,499) as a contribution. However, when they settled the purchase in October 2020, the broker advised them to put the money in a Commonwealth bank account in which the bank’s name was listed.

Ghadia Had No Doubts About The Sudden Money

What was surprising and annoying was the confusion that occurred when the couple accidentally sent the money to the wrong account number that was owned by Ghadia, not to the intended account. For Ghadia, a worker in the clothes store and a hip-hop fan who found out about the windfall in his bank account only in October 2021, this “come up” was downright unanticipated. Due to that job, he had a monthly income of $4,800.

Abdel Ghadia, the man who went on the spending spree
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However, when asked by the police, he said that he was personally just the night before and saw the cash was just there. “I spent the money that suddenly appeared in my account. I was clueless as to how it got there. “and I told the bank, but I did go and spend it.”

Determined not to let the chance slip away, Ghadia made several extravagant acquisitions. He was a frequent customer of ABC Bullion, having purchased $598,188 worth of gold bars during six visits. These purchases comprised 10 oz to 1 kilogram of bars. He also purchased a 500g gold bullion and a 10oz bar at Ainslie Bullion, a gold dealer located in Queensland, for $62,843, and purchased $48,222 worth of gold KHC coins.

Guilty Spree Continues Unchecked

Ghadia continued to spend after it.  He went into the international money market and bought $14,490 in foreign exchange, claiming that he wanted to present gold to someone he loved.  He took out $13,600 in cash throughout June and July from multiple ATMs in Sydney. In addition, he went on a shopping spree, spending $6,235 at Westfield Parramatta on makeup from MECCA and clothing from JD Sports and Uniqlo. In the end, Ghadia entered a guilty plea before Sydney’s Burwood Local Court to two counts of dealing with the proceeds of crime.  He received an 18-month prison sentence for his acts.

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