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Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
May 29, 2024 ·  3 min read

King Charles’ Strange Lunch Request That’s Left The Royal Staff Baffled For Years

King Charles’s health made headlines when he was diagnosed with cancer in February. This was a shock to the 75-year-old who had always been health-conscious. Unfortunately, there is no lifestyle that can definitely prevent cancer but Charles’ diet has kept him overall healthy into his old age. People may think of lavish banquets full of expensive delicacies when they hear the phrase “eating like kings,” but they may be surprised at the simplicity of King Charles’ menu.

Bird Seed for Breakfast

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King Charles begins his day with what the royal family calls “bird seed”. More specifically, he eats nutritionally-dense linseed, also known as flax seeds. He also eats fruit, particularly poached plums in juice. He reportedly always asks for two but only ends up eating one. Another noteworthy breakfast item is soft-boiled organic eggs, which Charles is very particular about. And of course, the British royal drinks tea, his order being a cup of loose-leaf Darjeeling with milk and honey.

When he isn’t home in the mornings, he brings a “breakfast box” to ensure he has healthy food options accessible. The boxes often contain muesli, dried fruit, and six types of honey.

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Nothing for Lunch

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So what’s for lunch? For King Charles, nothing. For many years, he viewed it as an unimportant interruption to his busy schedule. He wouldn’t eat in the afternoon until around 5 p.m. when he had tea with his wife, Camilla. The spread included sandwiches and cake.

However, ever since his diagnosis, Camilla has encouraged him to stop skipping meals, so the king has begun eating lunch more regularly.

King Charles the “Climatarian”

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Although he’s not a vegan, Charles is a dedicated environmentalist. Therefore, he calls himself a “climatarian”. His diet is designed to reduce his carbon footprint. For example, he prefers sustainable food sources over imported or out-of-season goods. In fact, he has organic gardens at every palace to ensure the produce is not transported from miles away.

Also, he eats vegan one day a week, and vegetarian for another two days of the week. During that time, he eats eggs and dairy products but avoids fish and meat. 

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Banned From the Royal Menu

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However, he has banned foie gras from the royal menu over concerns about animal treatment. The dish is the fattened liver of a duck or goose, the fattened part is crucial, so birds are force-fed which can make them suffer from obesity or injured beaks or throats. As a result, many people oppose the production of foie gras, including the king. 

King Charles’ Drink Order

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When it comes to alcohol, King Charles takes a martini with extra vermouth, also called extra wet or 50/50. Occasionally, he’ll travel with pre-mixed martinis so he won’t miss out on his pre-dinner drink. 

A Champion of Cheese

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King Charles is credited with saving the artisan cheese industry in Britain. The royal enjoys cheese of all kinds, especially those made from unpasteurized milk. These varieties are under strict regulations in the United States, and even banned in some states, which is why many Americans may not have heard of raw milk cheese. 

However, in the 1990s, multiple European countries considered banning the product. The then-prince brokered a meeting between the cheesemakers and the Ministry of Agriculture and they successfully made an agreement. Today, the British artisan cheese industry thrives and King Charles has been a patron for the Speciality Cheesemongers Association for the last thirty years.

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