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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
June 8, 2024 ·  8 min read

45 Satisfying Moments Where Jerks Got Served With A Savage Comeback

We should all devote the necessary time and effort to becoming proficient in the brutal art of the comeback. Few things in life are as fulfilling as destroying someone totally and totally with your wit, snappiness, and banter. And if you combine this with some good ol’ fashioned common sense and logic? You truly are a legend.

1. Red Shirts

Image Credits: Historical-Tax-2010

Raven Sheridan said: “God I love George Takei!” For correct reasons apparently. Who knew George Takei had such savage comebacks?

2. This One is Important

Comment on rape
Image Credits: Mortwight

Michelle M said: “Thank you, Hammad.” Please remember that rape is never the victim’s fault. Anything like this is besides the point.

3. Women Are People Too

Andy Murray's comeback
Image Credits: beerbellybegone

Samantha Lomb said: “Good for him for correcting the reporter“. Let’s give sportswomen the appreciation they deserve.

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4. Yes, The Answer Is Yes

Comeback to racism
Image Credits: beerbellybegone

Hannah Edwards said: “Solid burn“. According to the first poster’s logic, white people can also be terrorists! And that would not be a flaw, actually.

5. Who Doesn’t Love Irony?

Comeback on religion
Image Credits: HfUfH

Raven Sheridan said: “Boom! Mic drop. 🎤“. We’ll send some ice for that comeback. Also, mind your own business, no need to criticize others for their beliefs if they don’t do any harm to you.

6. Far Too Many People See The Answer To This As Being “Yes”

Question on physical disability and wages
Image Credits: beerbellybegone

Michelle M said: “Should this even be debated? There’s seriously no hope for humanity“. Disabled people need to be paid fairly too. Why should they not be?

7. The Media Makes It To Be A Feel Good Story Instead of A Dystopian Nightmare

Comment on expensive wheelchair
Image Credits: plurrrb

Michelle M said: “And go-fund me accounts are now the people’s saviour.” Public Citizen might be one of our favorite accounts.

8. You’re An Asstrovert

Introverts vs extrovert
Image Credits: Andy20788

Michelle M said: “Asstrovert. Now lives in my personal dictionary.” Let’s all stop shaming introverts or even extroverts. Everyone has their preferences.

9. Let’s All Make A Pledge

BP commenting about climate pledges
Image Credits: SilentCitadel

Lav Oravaf said: “epic“. Climate change is a real concern. However, an irresponsible multi-billion dollar oil company with horrible records of spillage should be the last entity to talk about it to the common person.

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10. Don’t B Confused

Confused about costs
Image Credits: saigalsaksham

Grumble O’Pug said: “A phone is essential for accessing a lot of info.” We all agree that phones are important. Moreover, the cost of a phone is minuscule to the cost of any kind of shelter.

11. More Covid-19 Experts

Argument on covid-19
Image Credits: maize_wings

Grumble O’Pug said: “*passes the aloe for the 3rd degree burn*“. The pandemic wasn’t a joke. It’s high time we stop treating it as such.

12. What Do We Think of This?

Argument on costs of living 2
Image Credits: beerbellybegone

Helen Haley said: “All kinds of yes to the reply.Spend your money however you want, people! At the risk of stereotyping, we must say that the first comment reeks of a generation gap.

13. Columbus Day

Columbus day
Image Credits: 66baph0met

Vermillion Ace #443 joked: “🤣 That reply has some zing to it, anyone know where I can find that spice?“. We all found that reply hilarious.

14. Murdered By Wit

Too witty
Image Credits: Vp8703

Vasana Phong said: “Burn… wait til you land though“. Also, sometimes, there’s a lot of things worse than “no” that can be said.

15. We Like The Second Guy’s Energy

Important difference
Image Credits: dreamycinnamonroll

QueenMiri said: “This!“. We’d assume people would be more compassionate and aware in 2024. Then again, to be fair, these are quite mature experiences.

16. Classic Karen

Autism vs idiocy
Image Credits: I_Luv_Transphobes

Angela B said: “Such a good response, that I went and made popcorn and sat in my comfy chair.” Honestly, there is far too little awareness about some of the most important things in life.

17. Yeah, That’ll Work

Comeback for vaccine
Image Credits: beerbellybegone

Angela B said: “BURN!” Seriously, after the pandemic, vaccines are a must. Furthermore, it still seems like some people don’t know how vaccines work. Anti-vaxxers are always prime targets for a comeback.

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18. That’s Got To Hurt

Image Credits: Professional-Park225

Hannah Edwards said: “Hahahahha“. Lots of people found this viral response hilarious. Never try to boast too much on the Internet.

19. How Dare We Give You The Correct Amount Of Change

Image Credits: Couchmaster007

Michelle M joked: “One cent would probably build them a house.” There’s being petty and then there’s being this person.

20. Bit Of A Stretch

Stupid comparison
Image Credits: beerbellybegone

Michelle M said: “What’s with people and body hair? If you like body hair, good for you. If you don’t, also good for you. No need to body shame someone for something that occurs naturally. It’s like insulting someone for having legs. I’m looking at you, female beauty standards“.

21. Seriously What Is Wrong With You

Lacking touch with reality
Image Credits: coredweller1785

Helen Haley said: I usually don’t agree with ministers, but yeah, I agree here.” Ministers unite against racist microaggressions. It’s just too out of touch with reality.

22. Good Luck To The Women In Your Future

List of standards for women
Image Credits: MaxQ50

Loretta said: “Dear men who consider this a good advice: I agree, please stay the f**k away from us.” These list of standards only means that the person has never encountered a human.

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23. Entitled Karen Getting Roasted

Personal space
Image Credits: JustHereForTheCh1cks

Sum Guy said: “People think they have the right to people because they see them on TV“. Celebrities are people too and deserve to have their boundaries respected.

24. This Bank Messed Up

Bad person to give financial advice
Image Credits: aehfaz3

Grumble O’Pug said: “*mic drop*“. Banks need to be careful on X. There’s really not much more to say over Public Citizen’s comeback.

25. Research Before You Sprouts Anything On Social Media

Image Credits: ztaker

Grumble O’Pug said: “Angela Stanton King knows ZERO about Islamic art.” We should always think before we speak. Islam specifically forbids any kind of idol worship. Be very careful of a comeback if you don’t fact check.

26. Better Check Those Facts

Wrong idea about fact checking
Image Credits: nexerxe

Helen Haley said: “Damn. Even threw in the dad and a handy.” It is easy to claim something as a fact. It is far more important to prove its factuality.

27. Handle With Care

Comment on gestures
Image Credits: PlacidlyClarify51

Michelle M said: “‘As a man, the only emotion you should show is forest hack-saw domination’, said, a conservative.” Even the most normal actions can’t escape scrutiny sometimes.

28. Why Go Out Of Your Way To Be This Way?

Comment on depression
Image Credits: beerbellybegone

similarly said: I admit, I have a pretty good life … but I’ve suffered chronic depression since I was a kid. There’s no logic to depression.

29. The Spanish Anthem

Comment on anthems
Image Credits: throwawayblueline

Sasy said: “Learn something everyday.” This one educated us all. Also, please be certain to know about a foreign culture before commenting on it.

30. Once Wasn’t Enough, The Fight Continues

Pro-lifers vs terrorists
Image Credits: beerbellybegone

CatWoman312 said: ” And this is just straight up irony. “We’ll kill for pro-life”” Both groups are extremely wrong, and acts of terrorism should not be justified by any reasoning.

31. Rip Sportsball Fan

Comment on supporting pride
Image Credits: KosmicTom,twitter.com

BlackPearltheSeaWing/NightWing said: “I completely support LGBTQ rights because LGBTQ people are the same as us heterosexuals, they just have different romantic preferences. They don’t deserve to be treated as less than us…

32. God vs. Humanity

God is the model for humans
Image Credits: nin4nin

Sum Guy said: “Not just that, his first 2 people were cancelled for eating a fruit he made.” Cancel culture dates back to the beginning of humanity.

33. Trying To Gatekeep Conversations

Age is not the exact paramenter
Image Credits: Blazing_Ken

Chrissie Mörbe said: “What the actual f*ck is the original poster thinking? This must be one of the stupidest things I have ever read.

34. I’ve Had A 32″ TV For Longer Than I’d Like To Admit

Rich people have big TVs
Image Credits: beerbellybegone

Sanne H. said: “There is a difference between “old rich” and “new rich” here. Old rich (families that are wealthy for many generations) don’t usually show off.

35. Oh, No! Anything But That!

The scam of private health insurance
Image Credits: beerbellybegone

UncleRussian said: “US heath insurance is a scam… And textbooks are a scam… And minimum wage is a scam… Basically everything is a scam.”

36. The Ol’ Switcheroo

Comeback for vaccines
Image Credits: beerbellybegone

Ancsuri said: “I still dont get it, why some people think that vaccination is evil, and but mumbo-jumbo things offered on the internet will work to cure cancer.

37. Who’s Fighting A Wolf?

Fighting a wolf
Image Credits: MaxQ50

Hannah Edwards “This is hilarious”. Fighting wolves is clearly on a lot of people’ minds in the USA. Why would any sane person want to fight an animal?

38. But How Will They Make Money If They Can’t Take Advantage Of People?!??

Illegal business model
Image Credits: catrinadaimonlee

Grumble O’Pug “Boycotting Uber is easy.” Uber as a company is known worldwide for their poor working conditions. Simply stating the fact is enough of a comeback

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39. What Are Crab Cakes?

Crab cakes
Image Credits: BRENNEJM

NsG said: anyone who isn’t within walking distance of a school shooting”… OP was having a really bad day and blasted that comeback as hard as he could.

40. Reading Doctor

Fiction about vaccines
Image Credits: ITriedLightningTendr

Basil Ignatov said: “Sounds like the symptoms of covid…so people without vaccination tend to get covid symptoms … Who’d ave guessed?

41. I Don’t Really Know If This Counts But.

War on memes
Image Credits: Andy20788

UncleRussian says: “1) why would you be this pretentious in the first place 2) why would you be so pretentious on a god damn memes page…

42. Just So We’re Clear

Nothing beats Shrek
Image Credits: DaFunkJunkie

UncleRussian said: “Shrek is love, Shrek is life don’t know what to tell ya man“. But, honestly, everyone has their own bodily preferences.

43. It’s Almost As If

Comeback for unions
Image Credits: Gonadalchait351

just me says: “I am in favor of unions, but… They need to protect the integrity of a profession and not just the workers. Police unions shouldn’t protect dirty cops. Teacher/education unions shouldn’t protect abusive staff.

44. Her Actions Cannot Be Justified No Matter What

Cruella is a villain
Image Credits: OkSurprise7755,twitter.com

Truth Monster says: “He was trying to create a new line of skin care products…to sell in baskets….” Please do not overlook a villain for any reason. Also, what a comeback!

45. I Know A Peacock When I See One

Know your worth
Image Credits: AlreadyShrugging

A B C says: “What an avaricious arsehole blue is.” People, please don’t speak about self-worth when you do not know your own.

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