Jade Small
Jade Small
March 13, 2024 ·  2 min read

Japanese biker tricks internet into thinking he is a young woman

Social Media is an interesting place, and nobody is exactly who or what they claim to be. Well, that’s my experience, anyway. And, for followers of this Japanese biker girl, they recently found out just how fake social media really can. It’s a rather shocking surprise!

Turns out, this Japanese biker girl isn’t who she claims to be

Image Credit: 宗谷の蒼氷 @azusagakuyuki | Twitter

We all follow people on Instagram and Twitter who we think are the coolest or the prettiest. The people we wish we could be. We have hopes and dreams of one day living the life they seem to live. And so, they gain more and more followers, based on their looks and lavish lifestyles, for the most part.

Followers Start Noticing Something Strange

Recently, some of @azusagakuyuki’s followers started noticing a few things that didn’t quite make sense. In one image, followers picked up on the Japanese biker having a strange, hairy arm. In another picture online, people caught a glimpse of a face reflection that didn’t look anything like the female influencer.[2]

She isn’t who everyone thinks she is

Image Credit: Nippon Television Network System

That’s when it all came together, and user @azusagakuyuki was exposed on a Japanese entertainment TV show. They had managed to track down her/him down for their TV program. Japanese biker girl, moto-influencer @azusagakuyuki is actually a 50-year-old man. Much to the surprise and, probably horror, to many of her/his followers.[1]

How did this happen?

Image Credit: 宗谷の蒼氷 @azusagakuyuki | Twitter

If this isn’t the ultimate catfish, I don’t know what is. The question is, how did Zonggu manage to change his face so perfectly?[1] Zonggu says he used apps like Faceapp to transform himself into a youthful woman. He believed nobody would have followed him on Twitter if they knew he was just some middle-aged man. So, while his followers may feel fooled, his intention was purely for followers and engagement.

People are impressed with the Japanese biker’s editing skills

Image Credit: Nippon Television Network System

After the TV show aired, many people commented on how impressive Zonggu’s editing skills are! People say he did a ‘great job’ turning himself into ‘such a cute girl.’ Zonggu went on to tell the television crew that he really enjoyed the feeling of being an online “celebrity.”

Fan Feedback

The truth is, once his true identity had been revealed on the TV show, that’s when his popularity really skyrocketed. His story went viral, and he gained even more followers.[2] One man jokingly commented, “His hair is so luscious it’s worth the clickbait.” and some women even said, “this dude looks prettier than me.” In contrast, others described the catfish as “next level” because literally, every one of his followers believed it![1]

Of course, this story will hopefully remind us all again that nobody is exactly as they may seem online, and while most of us don’t go to this sort of extreme level to be liked, it’s not a far throw compared to the lies we all tell on social media.


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