Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
August 8, 2023 ·  4 min read

“We-shed.” One for You, the Other for Your Spouse

The she-shed is undoubtedly one of the coolest trends of the 21st century. Man caves (he-sheds) have been around for as long as anyone can remember, and women have been feeling left out for too long. Also, a man cave will lose its “essence” when feminine colonization starts to creep in. Well, who needs that when we can build our own sheds, complete with lovely flowers, soothing colors, and tasteful décor to hang out in and host our friends?

Introducing the we-shed

These days, it gets even better. A furniture company named Portable Buildings of Houston recently incorporated an adorable design to give couples a chance to be together and still have their spaces (yes, it’s possible).

The “we-shed” is an awesome collaboration of a she-shed and a he-shed, made of two separate structures erected on the same platform [1]. The sheds share one staircase and only touch each other by a wooden seat joining at their porch railings. This way, you could get to minimize the cost of having two sheds erected separately, probably saving more room in the yard.

According to Portable Buildings of Houston, they didn’t design the building but the concept is certainly something they can use in their own designs.  The idea is to have a he-shed and a she-shed separated but somehow connected.

Every Couple Needs a We-Shed

Given the widespread appeal of she-sheds and man-caves, it’s a logical step to blend these concepts and craft the ultimate shared space for you and your partner. Moreover, the process of designing a joint haven adds an enjoyable and exciting dimension to the experience. A we-shed could be just what you and your partner need!

Sheds Aren’t Only For Junk

wooden we-shed
Image Credit: Pinterest

Sheds are a nice addition to any home because they aren’t just for storing away junk (there should be a separate shed for that if it’s important). In Ottawa, Canada, and some parts of the U.S., he-sheds and she-sheds are becoming a real thing. Couples get to hang out in their own spaces and bring in whatever items and décor they want without upsetting their partner.

People don’t think of using a shed for some purpose other than storage … a lot of people think, gross, spiders and bugs or whatever else,” says Ottawa designer Kristi Blok of Kiki Interiors in an interview with Ottawa Citizen [2]. “(But) the possibilities are endless … and what you’re seeing with the whole shed trend is people are keeping that rustic, outdoorsy look.”

A Custom-Built We-Shed Isn’t As Costly As You’d Think

Most times, a lot of people already have sheds in their homes. While he and she-sheds can be renovated and brought up to taste, most people prefer to have new sheds built from scratch. A lot of others would usually have them custom-made, which actually turns out to be more cost-effective.

Speaking to the paper, Jason Fisher, owner of Canada-based Urbanshed explains that building a shed from scratch would usually cost about four to five times the price of having one custom-made. His company delivers tastefully designed sheds built on-site or delivered, although they currently only ship to Western Canada, as the company is based out of Calgary, Alberta. “It’s an economical way to add square footage to your home,” he said.

Sheds Can Serve More Thank One Purpose

Also, sheds can be rented out if they are placed in a usable part of the home. You can rent out a shed as a yoga place, a music studio, and even start an air-bnb! The possibilities are endless.

A We-Shed Can Be A Special Bonding Space

A we-shed serves as a wonderful sanctuary for both you and your partner, offering a unique and cool space for shared enjoyment while also respecting each other’s need for personal space. It’s not just about creating a cozy nook together; it’s a deliberate acknowledgment of the significance of spending quality time as a couple.

Creating a We-Shed Is Fun

Image Credit: Kanga Room Systems

Designing a “we-shed” can be an incredibly enjoyable experience for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it allows you and your partner to collaborate and creatively come together to build a space that reflects your unique personalities and shared vision. This process of brainstorming, planning, and executing fosters a deeper bond as you navigate decisions and work as a team.


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