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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
March 11, 2024 ·  3 min read

Take a Look at the World’s First Floating Theme Park with Unbelievable Facilities

A floating theme park that calls itself an “extreme destination” has revealed some pretty cool holiday plans. You may have noticed that there are more ads for vacations in Saudi Arabia and that the country is getting a lot of money to spend on sports. As of late January of this year, the name of the theme park was just “The Rig.” From 25 miles off its coast, it looks like the perfect place for a thrill junkie to be. It’s on top of an old oil rig.

The place will also have three hotels, eleven restaurants, and more than seventy activities for people who are brave enough to visit. There will be zip lines, obstacle courses, roller coasters, and cable cars, so the activities seem to be very different from one another.

Adventure Awaits: A Floating Theme Park Like No Other

Someone is also planning to hang one of the restaurants in the air, just in case you were looking for a fun way to eat this holiday season. But there are also plans for a shopping park, a movie theatre, a pool, a water park, and a Ferris Wheel for people who would still like more time to relax. People hope that by 2032, the floating theme park will be able to hold 10,000 people every day.

An artist's rendition of the floating theme park
Image Credits: Saudi Public Investment Fund

Fast ferries, helicopters, or seaplanes” are the only ways for guests to get to the spot, which might be too risky for some. The site mentions “It’s not a theme park; it’s a challenging destination, a new playing field for adventure tourism” which shows you that it’s not an entertainment park, it’s a playground for excitement.

The company aims to be the world benchmark by “providing a unique hospitality and experience adventure on sustainable oil platforms in the middle of the sea“. Clearly, this is a way to achieve the first goal. This site will also give its view which includes the “enhancement of tourism and entertainment services in the kingdom, drawing more visitors and investors in this industry and pursuing the growth of economy in the Kingdom”. That’s okay, then.

OPDC, which is the OPDC of Saudi Arabia owned by PIF, is where the draw is being set up according to PIF. This is a part of its plan to shift away from oil dependency, switching to other economic sectors, that is what Saudi Arabia is doing now. Although this is true, Just Stop Oil, a UK environmental group, has declared its opposition to the theme park’s plans on the basis that the new escape room is a bit too close to home.

UK’s North Sea Oil Plans Draw Skepticism Amid Climate Leadership Claims

A spokesperson for the UK government told GB News, “Given that the UK government wants to max out on North Sea gas and oil while claiming to be a world leader in addressing the climate emergency, it’s not surprising that any country is making fun of us.” “The whole world, including the Saudis, needs to stop all new oil and gas, invest hugely in renewables & consign these ugly stranded assets to the history books.

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