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May 22, 2024 ·  4 min read

London Named One of the First Major Cities to be Underwater

As a result of increasing sea levels that are occurring all across the world and generating frequent floods, it is only a matter of time before the first cities begin to see their water levels rise. In addition, research that was carried out by Matthew H. Mash, who is also the co-founder of Swiftest, indicates that London will be one of the first places to adopt the technology in the year 2022.

It has been possible for him to determine which cities will be the first to be affected by climate change by utilizing the accumulated information, tools, and tales that have been provided by Climate Central, climate.gov, and the International Panel on Climate Change. A rise in sea levels of 1.5 meters and an increase in temperature of three degrees might result in the submersion of cities.

36 Cities Face Uncertain Future as Rising Sea Levels Loom

Among the 36 cities, London is one of the highest ranked, coming in at number nine. The list also includes nearby Dublin, coming in at number twenty-three. Euromonitor estimates that in the future, increasing sea levels could have a direct impact on around 226 million people by the year 2050. In addition, if there is not a reduction in the use of gases that cause the globe to become hotter, there is a possibility that sea levels will rise even further, by 2.5 meters, by the year 2100.

The 36 cities are as follows, along with the most famous locations in them that will get submerged:

1. Tokyo, Mumbai, and New York City

Tokyo, Mumbai, and New York City
Image Credits: TheSwiftest.com

With a combined population of nearly 80 million people, the first three cities are some of the most populous ones: Tokyo in Japan, Mumbai in India, and New York City in the United States of America. They are far too close to the coastline to avoid danger.

2. Osaka, Istanbul, and Kolkata

Osaka, Istanbul, and Kolkata
Image Credits: TheSwiftest.com

Cities from Japan and India feature again while this time we also have one of Europe’s most iconic and historic cities. Ages of history will mean nothing in the face of Nature if we don’t do anything.

3. Bangkok, Jakarta, and London

Bangkok, Jakarta, and London
Image Credits: TheSwiftest.com

Two more Asian countries feature because of their geographic location. Their major cities are usually built due to their proximity to the coast. We also have Europe’s biggest island nation joining the danger list now.

4. Dhaka, Ho Chi Minh, and San Francisco

Dhaka, Ho Chi Minh, and San Francisco
Image Credits: TheSwiftest.com

Just because the cities are away from the ocean or the sea does not mean they are safe. Even riverside cities like Dhaka and Ho Chi Minh face imminent danger. Meanwhile, San Francisco is awaiting submersion with its location.

5. Miami, Alexandria, and Sydney

Miami, Alexandria, and Sydney
Image Credits: TheSwiftest.com

This time, we have the iconic and famous tourist destination – Miami, facing submersion. Alongside the sandy beaches of Northern America, the historic site of Alexandria and Australia’s iconic city of Sydney all face the same fate.

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6. Boston, Lisbon, and Dubai

Boston, Lisbon, and Dubai
Image Credits: TheSwiftest.com

You might soon see the last of Boston Harbor with that way things are heading. Portugal and Dubai (perhaps a surprise to some) also face being swallowed by the rising sea levels. Technology can only do so much.

7. Vancouver, Abu Dhabi, and Copenhagen

Vancouver, Abu Dhabi, and Copenhagen
Image Credits: TheSwiftest.com

The northern parts of the world are also unsafe if you are near a coast, as is apparent from the mention of Vancouver and Copenhagen on the list. Abu Dhabi is the second city from the UAE to feature here.

8. New Orleans, Dublin, and Honolulu

New Orleans, Dublin, and Honolulu
Image Credits: TheSwiftest.com

Say goodbye to the Mardi Gras as New Orleans is next on the list. Ireland’s Dublin is also predicted to lose its location to the sea. Meanwhile, another famous tourist destination – Honolulu, may no longer be on the map.

9. Amsterdam, Cancun, and Venice

Amsterdam, Cancun, and Venice
Image Credits: TheSwiftest.com

The Netherlands has been one of the most prolific at reclaiming land from the ocean. However, there is a limit to it. Amsterdam is predicted to soon start losing more ground than it can recover. Venice is already submerged, and it is not an aesthetic. Mexico’s Cancun will see the ocean reclaiming some amazing ruins.

10. Charleston, Macau, and Maldives

Charleston, Macau, and Maldives
Image Credits: TheSwiftest.com

As we come near the end of the list, we’re seeing some smaller cities compared to the more famous ones above. However, these cities getting submerged would still see the displacement of millions of people.

11. Long Beach, Savannah, and Nasau

Long Beach, Savannah, and Nasau
Image Credits: TheSwiftest.com

Some more tourist destinations can soon lose the last of the light as we come across Long Beach and Savannah in the list of cities that face submersion. The Bahamas will also see an important loss as Nassau loses ground to the ocean.

12. Punta Cana, Keywest, and Cockburn Tn.

Punta Cana, Keywest, and Cockburn Tn.
Image Credits: TheSwiftest.com

Last but not least, we have these three lesser-known cities. The final 2 of them are island cities so it comes as no surprise as to their imminent danger. Even the Dominican Republic is not safe.

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