Jade Small
Jade Small
April 12, 2024 ·  1 min read

Father Sends Heartfelt Text To Son’s New Fiancée and It Has Us Reaching For The Tissues

This dad is going to be the best in-law ever based on the text he sent to his son’s fiancée. A woman on TikTok called Mia shared the sweet message her fiancée’s father sent her after they asked to marry. It was a sweet note to welcome her to the family. He also told her how happy he was that she was going to marry his son.

The father-in-law's message to his son's fiancée

Now that it’s official, I wanted to take a moment to tell you directly and personally how happy we are for you to join our family and us to join yours!” read the text from the dad. “We loved you from the first time we met, and we always knew that you and Alex were meant to be together!” We don’t see what else could be a green flag! Mia thought that a dad who would send this kind of text message had raised his kid well.

Fiancée’s Response on TikTok

Image Credits: TikTok

She wrote on TikTok, “I mean…what a role model for my future husband!!!!!” A lot of people were touched by Mia’s post. One person wrote, “I just know he raised a great son based on that message.”

“I want to marry into a family like this,” said someone else. “Well done!” We hope everything goes well for Mia and Alex as they start this new part of their lives together. It sounds like they already have Dad’s backing based on his thoughtful text!

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