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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
June 20, 2024 ·  4 min read

TikToker’s Heavily Edited Photos Are An Example of How Fake Social Media Really Is

A recent study reveals a staggering 71% of UK social media users won’t post a picture without editing. From smoothing skin to chiseling jawlines, the quest for digital perfection is fueling a vicious cycle of comparison and insecurity. But one TikToker, Holly Cockerill, is fighting back against the fakery with a series of eye-opening photos. Holly, a makeup artist and advocate for people with disabilities, is on a mission to expose the dark side of social media. She’s using humor and her makeup skills to show how easy it is to create a completely false online persona. Prepare to be shocked…

#1: Relationship Goals or Relationship Fails?

Social media 1
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

This couple’s picture-perfect pose hides a disturbing truth: he edits her beyond recognition! Is this love, or a digital delusion?

#2: Bump or No Bump?

Social Media 2
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

This influencer’s baby bump magically disappears with a few swipes of an app. Is motherhood just another social media illusion?

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#3: Pretty Before, Pretty After… But Why?

Social Media 3
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

Even natural beauties fall prey to the editing craze. What drives this obsession with perfection?

#4: Hide and Seek… From Reality

Social Media 4
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

This transformation is so extreme, you’d barely recognize the person in real life. Is social media turning us all into chameleons?

#5: Filter Fantasy or Reality Check?

Social Media 5
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

These filters can do the impossible, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Can you even trust your own eyes anymore?

#6: Embracing Imperfections vs. Chasing Perfection

Social Media 6
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

This woman looks stunning in both photos, but the edited version erases her natural beauty. Is the pursuit of perfection making us lose sight of what truly matters?

#7: Filter or No Filter, Love is in the Air

Social Media 7
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

Even a simple photo can be manipulated. But is the love real, or just another carefully crafted illusion?

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#8: The Unnecessary Lip Filler Epidemic

Social Media 8
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

Lip filler seems to be the new norm on social media, but is it really making anyone happier?

#9: Doggo Disapproves of Digital Deception

Social Media 9
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

Even this cute pup seems to sense something’s not right with this heavily edited photo.

#10: Gorgeous Before, Gorgeous After… But Why Change?

Social Media 10
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

This woman’s natural beauty shines through, even without the filters. Why do so many feel the need to change what’s already perfect?

#11: The Fake Smile Give-Away

Social Media 11
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

A genuine smile can’t be faked, no matter how many filters you use. Is social media turning us all into actors?

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#12: Less is More, Even on Social Media

Social Media 12
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

The natural photo is full of warmth and authenticity. Editing often strips away these qualities, leaving a cold, artificial image.

#13: Poolside Perfection… Or Poolside Pose?

Social Media 13
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

Perfect makeup at the pool? This photo is screaming “fake”!

#14: The Power of a Natural Smile

Social Media 14
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

The unedited photo captures a genuine moment of joy, while the edited version feels forced and artificial.

#15: Flawless…But at What Cost?

Social Media 15
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

This body is already amazing, but the editing takes it to an unrealistic extreme. Is this the beauty standard we really want?

#16: Filters: The Photoshop of the Face

Social Media 16
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

The filter has sharpened the fake face so much it doesn’t even look like it belongs in the same photo. Is this what we call “catfishing”?

#17: Happiness is a Choice, Not a Filter

Social Media 17
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

The real photo radiates genuine happiness, while the edited version looks posed and empty. Is social media stealing our joy?

#18: The Kardashian Kopycat Craze

Social Media 18
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

This filtered face looks eerily similar to Kim Kardashian. Are we all trying to morph into the same person?

#19: The Thigh-Thickening Trend

Social Media 19
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

Even body shapes are being manipulated. Is there anything we won’t change to fit unrealistic ideals?

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#20: Kardashian Filter Strikes Again!

Social Media 20
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

Another victim of the Kardashian filter. Is this the only standard of beauty we’re allowed to see?

#21: Doggo Knows Best

Social Media 21
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

Even the dog looks unimpressed by the heavily edited photo. Animals can sense authenticity, can’t they?

#22: Faking a Smile, Faking a Life

Social Media 22
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

Even emotions are being edited out. Is social media turning us into robots incapable of feeling?

#23: Awww… The Real Deal

Social Media 23
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

A sweet, genuine moment captured in the unedited photo. Why mess with perfection?

#24: Tears of a Clown

Social Media 24
Image Credits: Tiktok Instagram

Was she crying? Did she really edit her emotions away? Social media masks our true feelings, leading to isolation and loneliness.

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