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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
June 5, 2024 ·  4 min read

Brick Wall Illusion Is Leaving People Scratching Their Heads, ‘What Are We Looking At?’

In the vast expanse of the internet, where information flows ceaselessly, and attention is a fleeting currency, there exist phenomena that captivate the mind and challenge perception. One such enigmatic illusion, resurfacing from the annals of 2016, has once again ensnared the attention of netizens worldwide. An innocuous image, seemingly mundane at first glance, conceals within its pixels a secret so perplexing that once unveiled, it forever alters one’s perception of the ordinary.

The Illusion Unveiled

Optical illusion of a brick wall
Image Credits: Facebook

Cast your gaze upon the image above you – a simple brick wall, weathered by time and bearing the scars of erosion. Seemingly unremarkable, isn’t it? Yet, as you delve deeper into its intricacies, a peculiar anomaly emerges, shattering the illusion of mundanity. Nestled amidst the weathered bricks lies an unexpected intruder – a sizable, lit cigar, defiantly wedged within the wall’s confines:

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Brick wall illusion solved
Image Credits: Facebook

The revelation is startling, prompting a myriad of emotions ranging from disbelief to awe. How could such a conspicuous object remain concealed within the folds of the ordinary? Yet, therein lies the allure of optical illusions – they challenge our preconceptions, inviting us to question the very fabric of reality.

The Grid Fixes Itself

grid illusion
Image Credits: IllusionOfTheYear

Behold the mesmerizing dance of order and chaos as the grid before you undergoes a miraculous transformation. What appears as disarray on the peripheries resolves into perfect symmetry when viewed through the lens of perception. This phenomenon, known as the Grid Fixation Illusion, exploits the brain’s innate bias toward order, coaxing it to mend the fractured edges of reality.

Imaginary Colors

Afterimage illusion
Image Credits: YouTube

Witness the ephemeral dance of hues as the image before you shifts and shimmers, conjuring colors that exist only in the realm of perception. All you have to do is look at the center of the pupil in the above image. Then, look at the image below after a minute. This illusion, borne of afterimages, tantalizes the senses with its transient beauty. As the receptors in our eyes tingle with stimulation, they conjure forth complementary colors, painting the canvas of reality with shades unseen.

Afterimage illusion part 2
Image Credits: YouTube

How Many Black Dots Can You Count?

Dot illusion
Image Credits: Wikipedia

A perplexing riddle for the senses – how many black dots can one truly count when none exist? This illusion, crafted from the depths of visual trickery, deceives the eye with its phantom darkness. Yet, upon closer inspection, the truth reveals itself – a mere illusion, a figment of the mind’s creation.

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What Shape Is This Roof?

Mysterious roof illusion
Image Credits: IllusionOfTheYear

Marvel at the intricacies of depth and perspective as the roof before you defies conventional geometry. Its curves and contours, both real and illusory, beckon the mind to unravel the mysteries of perception. The more the object in front of the mirror is turned, the more the roof differs. Watch the video here. From the foreground to the background, reality melds with illusion, blurring the boundaries of truth and fiction.

Moving Pictures

Moving picture
Image Credits: Wikipedia

Embark on a journey through the realm of illusion as static images come alive with the illusion of motion. Peripheral drift beckons the eye with its tantalizing dance, weaving a tapestry of movement from stillness. The subtle interplay of luminance and perception conspire to deceive, leaving the mind entranced by the illusion of motion.

When a Circle Isn’t a Circle

Circle motion illusion
Image Credits: Youtube

Cast aside preconceived notions of shape and form as the circle before you morphs and twists, defying conventional understanding. What appears as a simple rotation belies a deeper truth – a series of dots in perpetual motion, challenging the limits of perception. The dots inside are actually all moving in a straight line. Watch the video here to fully understand. As the mind grapples with the illusion, reality fades into the background, leaving only the enigma of the unseen.

Your Mind Can Play Tricks on Itself

Parallel lines illusion
Image Credits: PCMag

Your eyes are telling you otherwise, but the lines are actually all parallel. It is believed that the stark contrast between the two distinct “bricks” is what causes the café wall illusion to work. Irradiation, the process by which our brains “spread” dark regions into light zones when perceiving images, is most likely the source of a deceptive warping effect.

Bulge Effect

Bulge effect
Image Credits: IllusionOfTheYear

Bask in the radiance of dynamic luminance as the illusion unfolds before your eyes. Move closer and watch as the white shade explodes in luminance, defying the limits of perception. This illusion, born of light and shadow, tantalizes the senses with its transient beauty, leaving the mind awash in wonder.

Which Line is Bigger?

Ponzi illusion
Image Credits: Instructables

They are identical to one another! This is an illustration of the Ponzo illusion. This tiny trick makes use of the fact that the human brain uses background information to determine an object’s size.

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