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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
June 26, 2024 ·  3 min read

Brain Teaser: Can You Spot The Mistake in This Family’s Dining Table Picture in 10 Seconds Or Less?

As the name suggests, brain teasers are puzzles or jobs that make you think deeply while also being fun. They’re kind of like mini-games that test your ability to think critically, be creative, and solve problems. People like a brain teaser because it makes them think. By making you think outside the box, they keep you smart and sharp. Your job with these brain teasers is to find the mistakes in the pictures.

1. Spot The Mistake In This Dining Table In 11 Seconds

Dining table brain teaser
Image Credits: Brightside

In this image, a happy family is sitting at a dining table. However, there is something very off in this picture. You only have 11 seconds to spot it! Your time starts now! Hint: It is a very minute detail. Do you see it? If not, here is the answer: the two halves of the father’s (the man in the light blue shirt) spectacles are not the same – one is square while the other is oval.

2. Sharing A Drink

Drink puzzle
Image Credits: Brightside

In this brain teaser, three people are gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving, seemingly. Two are breaking a wishbone for luck, while the third is pouring a drink. However, just like the first one, there is something very wrong here. Hint: It has something to do with physics. Did you spot it? The answer is that the teapot is missing a handle! She is holding onto thin air while pouring her drink.

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3. All By Herself

Alone puzzle
Image Credits: Brightside

Unfortunately, this brain teaser seems to be a bit sadder than the rest. In this one, a slightly aged lady is enjoying a drink of water, but only has her dog for company. She looks a bit distressed, with all the decorations for an event strewn about her table. However, can you spot the mistake here? If you can’t, here is the answer: the seal on the water bottle is unbroken, but the water is still lower! How is that possible?

4. Parade

Parade puzzle
Image Credits: Brightside

Here we have a picture of a beautiful and vibrant parade. With all the imagery, it probably has something to do with Easter. However, regardless of the occasion, this is a brain teaser too, and so there is an error in the image. How fast can you spot it? This error is more obvious than the other ones. Did you find it? If you did not, here is the answer: the red car is missing its license plate.

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5. Family Bonding

Kitchen puzzle
Image Credits: Brightside

In this beautiful scene of a mother and daughter bonding over some occasional cooking, a mistake hides in plain sight. This is a less obvious mistake though, and probably the hardest of the lot. So keep your eyes peeled and try your best! Did you spot it? Here is the answer: the tops of the pepper and salt sprinklers are reversed.

H/t Brightside

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