Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
February 26, 2024 ·  3 min read

“I Prayed We Would Be The Home Chosen.” Baby Surrendered At Fire Station Gets Adopted Two Yrs Later

A little boy turned in at a fire station has now found a loving home thanks to Kentucky’s Safe Haven Law! Chris and Brittany Tyler struggled to become pregnant, but they always desired children. Instead, they began researching foster care. They were determined to bring the baby home as soon as they learned of his placement at the Louisville Fire Department. When firemen found Sam, he weighed approximately three pounds, according to the New York Post. His mother had left a note at the fire station explaining why she had to give up her infant. She made it very evident that her child was the reason behind her actions. 

She intended to give him a shot at a better life since the state’s Safe Haven Law permits a parent to legally and discreetly give up their infant at designated sites. Sam was more than pleased to get something from Chris and Brittany! They had previously given 15 other foster children a loving home, and they had adopted Judah, who is now 8 years old, and Calvin, who is 5 years old. Their only desire was to provide the same care to the infant from Safe Haven who had been turned up at the fire station.

Sam is very happy at his foster home.
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Baby Surrendered At Fire Station Welcomes New Parents

So I read an article that had been posted online about him, and I knew that Safe Haven babies went to foster homes,” Brittany told one of the media outlets. “And so I prayed and hoped that we would be the home chosen.” They were overjoyed to learn that Sam would be moving in with them when they received the call. “They told us about him, and it took no thought. ‘Yes, we’ll take him,’” Chris recalled to a media channel. Finally, the infant from Safe Haven has found a home. Sam is now a Tyler after being in foster care for 581 days! To be able to name him their son makes his new parents very happy. To commemorate the milestone, they even brought him to Build-A-Bear, where they purchased a fireman bear for the first responders who discovered him as a Safe Haven baby.

He was with us in one home the entire time,” said Brittany. “So he didn’t bounce around in the system. It just took a while to get the paperwork done.” Sam’s parents say he has developed into a very inquisitive toddler. His go-to phrase is “What’s that?” Chris and Brittany are prepared to answer this curious child’s questions regarding his biological mother.

They believed that Sam’s mother made the proper decision in giving up her child at the fire station. “She’s a role model, she’s a hero,” said Chris. “That will be something that we let him know about as we talk to him about character as he grows.” The Tylers are content for the time being to see their Safe Haven baby develop into a happy, healthy boy. For opening their hearts to the tiny kid, these parents deserve all the praise in the world. To ensure that the newborns are turned in to go to wonderful families, the fire department also performs this!

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