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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
March 8, 2024 ·  4 min read

AI Shows What Michael Jackson Would Like at 50 Without Plastic Surgery.

Remembered as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson is a name that nearly everyone has heard of. After his death, details of his life have been shared with the public. This includes some of the reasoning behind his plastic surgery procedures. In recent years, some AI-generated images of Michael Jackson have been circulated. These aren’t just any images because they attempt to depict the beloved performer’s appearance at age 50 if he hadn’t undergone so many procedures. The image below shows what AI believes Michael Jackson would look like if he were still alive today. What do you think?

Image of AI imagined, Michael Jackson.
Photo Credit: Midjourney | Amomama

Michael Jackson Undergoes More than 50 Procedures

Many people are aware of the alterations that Michael Jackson made to his appearance throughout his life. However, not many know to what extent. According to some sources, the musical icon underwent more than 50 procedures, including his cheeks, chin, lips, and nose. As well as skin bleaching and tattooing. 

One report noted that his 1986 lupus and vitiligo diagnoses were part of the motivation behind his transformation. However, some procedures were elective. Apparently, his look was inspired by several other celebrities, including Kirk Douglas. 

Michael Jackson is just one of many celebrities who’ve undergone plastic surgery, and like most, he preferred to keep his procedures a secret.  “Michael Jackson always wanted to do these operations in a clandestine manner,” says an anonymous source. “They were done in the evening when personnel had to come in so no one else in the office could see him going in or out.”

At some point in his life, Michael Jackson began to note what fans had already seen. His facial structure had changed so much that he began to look incredibly unhealthy, and the public was eager to speculate about what was going on with the “King of Pop”. As a result, he sought help from dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein. Dr. Klein “rebuilt” Michael Jackson’s nose, with the use of hyaluronic acids. “They worked very well. It’s an arduous procedure, because you don’t want to put too much in. And you have to do it exactly, so you can flow the material so it’s perfectly smooth.” He disclosed. 

Addressing Potential Health Threats

Dr. Klein also worked with Michael Jackson to combat vitiligo, a condition in which pigment producing cells have been damaged or destroyed. “You have one choice where you can use certain drugs and ultraviolet light treatments to try to make the white spots turn dark,” Klein explained. Klein also used a variety of creams to help lighten dark spots and even out skin tone.

Sadly, Michael Jackson suffered a traumatic childhood, alongside his siblings. Some experts and sources close to him have revealed that another major factor to motivate a lifetime of surgeries, may have also been the result of his complicated relationship with his father. Like most celebrities, Michael Jackson has been in the headlines for various scandals and even a lawsuit in the past. However, fans of his are loyal and unwavering in their appreciation for his contributions, both vocally and through dance. 

Shedding Light on the Truth

In 2019, a documentary entitled Leaving Neverland was released, informing the public of many of Michael Jackson’s hardships and struggles. The documentary gave audiences a new perspective and a better understanding of the tortured artist. After all, most artists have a story that involves overcoming obstacles, which is, in many cases, the fuel that drives their creative flow. 

AI Creates Michael Jackson

Rendition of what Micheal Jackson might've looked like at 50 without plastic surgery.
Image Credit: Alper Yesiltas | Instagram

While these images of the late Michael Jackson aren’t real, it is interesting to see what AI has ability the to create. Incredibly, AI can generate images of celebrities from the past, bringing beloved stars to life once again. Moreover, it’s interesting to see how the pictures of Michael Jackson transformed depending on the perspective. For example, in the image above, Alper Yesiltas created the image using AI as part of a collection of celebrities and how they might look if “nothing happened.” Yesiltas created a seemingly more at peace version of what the pop star might look like today. However, the other AI images depict him seemingly still in the spotlight and looking weathered.

Not The Only Predictions…

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time such predictions have been made. In a 1985 edition of Ebony Magazine, they attempted to predict the pop star’s appearance in 2000. Meanwhile, what he actually looked like in the year 2000 was drastically different. The image from 1985 was far from accurate. The depiction shows him to have a mustache. They could not predict the procedures he would undergo over the next 15 years. By 2000, his skin had bleached so much that there was very little trace of his ethnic roots in his pigmentation. Moreover, he’d seemingly had lip fillers and his cheekbones done, none of which was predicted by Ebony.

Michael Jackson has a renowned reputation for his performances, but he’s also faced adversities, such as body image and confidence issues. When he passed away suddenly in 2009, it shook fans everywhere. Many still remember him more for his talent than the fact that he struggled so immensely to find himself. 


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