Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
March 21, 2024 ·  3 min read

‘I Accidentally Had An Affair With My Best Friend’s Husband, I Couldn’t Believe His Reaction When I Found Out’

A young mother called Honeyy Brooks in a tiny Australian town became ensnared in a web of treachery and remorse after learning that she had an unintentional affair with her best friend’s husband. This shocking realization upended her personal life and highlighted how difficult it is to sustain relationships in the digital era.

When Honeyy, a content producer on the well-known pornographic website OnlyFans, discovered that one of her anonymous subscribers was a close friend of hers, she was “gutted.” Six months earlier, the man had been a page subscriber and over time had contributed thousands of dollars to her exclusive material, gradually becoming a major financial backer. He even enlists in her “girlfriend package,” which costs $2,500 (AU$3,797) weekly. “It’s basically like an online girlfriend; I am yours for the week,” she said to the Daily Mail.  Honeyy’s pal was looking through her husband’s phone when she found the surprise.

The story took an unexpected turn when Honeyy’s friend went through her husband’s phone and learned of his secret. As a result, Honeyy and her friend were completely shut off from contact. In the emotional turbulence that ensued, Honeyy found herself divided between grieving over the approaching loss of a treasured friendship and feeling betrayed by a male friend.

Following The Accidental Affair, When The Truth Was Out, Honeyy Was Left With No Friends 

She was messaging me, saying, ‘Pick up, pick up, It’s about my husband,’ after she had been trying to call me nonstop,” she said. “My heart just dropped when I heard her voice and realized how serious it was.” Honeyy, who makes up to $90,000 a month on OnlyFans, had dealt with a lot of anonymous users in the past. She clarified that just a selected username is provided to authors like herself, who have restricted access to personal information. Unless users decide to take a selfie, their faces are covered, and many would rather stay anonymous.

In addition to purchasing all of Honeyy’s stuff, the subscriber in question—her friend’s husband—conducted nightly talks. As their relationship developed, he chose the “girlfriend package” in an effort to have a more intimate encounter. A weekly sum of an extra $2,500 (AU$3,797). offering one-way video conversations and priority texting. Honeyy emphasized the personal aspect of the exchanges by drawing a comparison to having an “online girlfriend” accessible for the entire week.

Image Credits: honeyybrooks | Instagram

Due to its high cost, most subscribers would only use it for a week or two. This man paid for the “girlfriend package” for three months, even though most users only bought it for shorter periods of time. But then, without warning, he disappeared from Honeyy’s internet life, leaving her perplexed. This drama reached its peak while Honeyy was on vacation in Sydney. Her closest friend’s missed calls and a flurry of messages greeted her when she got up, who hurriedly tried to talk about her husband’s participation on Honeyy’s OnlyFans page.

A Devastating End To A Treasured Friendship

Recounting the events that transpired, Honeyy talked of her amazement and sadness upon realizing how serious the situation had become following the unintentional affair. Upon conversing with her companion, the immediate shock transformed into a multifaceted emotional storm. Because of her friend’s loyalty and the nature of her online interactions, Honeyy was forced to give her side of the tale. But things became worse when the husband lied to his wife, telling her that he had known Honeyy’s identity all along, in an effort to save his own marriage. Thinking back on what had happened, Honeyy doubted that the friendship could be saved. Her view was clouded by the persistent belief that “once a cheater, always a cheater,” which made her doubt the dynamics of her friend’s marriage in the future.

In summary, Honeyy Brooks’ inadvertent participation in an online affair highlights the complex issues surrounding relationships that arise from the use of digital media. The narrative emphasizes the need for open communication and trust in negotiating the complexity of contemporary friendships and relationships, serving as a reminder of the blurred lines between the virtual and real worlds.

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