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Jade Small
Jade Small
August 4, 2023 ·  3 min read

The original Volkswagen Beetle repurposed to create a fashionably old-fashioned mini bike!

This article was originally published in June 2021 and has since been updated.

Many of us had parents who owned an iconic Volkswagen Beetle. Even if your parents did not own one, there is no way you did not notice these adorable bug-like cars on the road every day. In fact, this little car is so well-loved that many of us ended up buying one for ourselves when we “grew up.”

The Volkswagen Beetle – An Icon

VW beetle and triler with volkspod volkswagon beetle mini bikes
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Anyone reading this who is a ’90s kid will remember the game of “Punch Buggy,” which was played in the car on long family road trips. You’d all try to punch one another first the minute a volkswagon beetle was seen en route. Any parent of a ’90s kid will remember the fights they had to break up in the back seat. These usually occurred when one sibling hit the other too hard or didn’t play by what they considered the “car rules.”

The End of a Legend

volkspod volkswagon beetle mini bikes
Image Credit: Instagram

While the rules of “punch-buggy-no-punch-backs” might be widely debated, one thing for certain is that nobody could argue that these German-made cars’ bubble-like structures were not iconic. Unfortunately, production of the original ended in 2003. Also, the Volkswagon beetle was no longer sold in the US after 1980. However, one enthusiast has begun repurposing the old cars into adorable, albeit funny-looking, scooters.

Man Creates a Mini Bike Volkswagen Beetle

volkspod volkswagon beetle mini bike in production
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Self-proclaimed “maker and builder of a variety of things,” Brent Walter, has created the “Volkspod.” But how you may ask? Well, by welding together the fenders from all four corners of old Volkswagon beetles. The scooters have the rear and taillights of the original car. It also sports a pair of wide bicycle-type handlebars for the rider to hold onto. These little bikes can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. That’s pretty quick for a so-called simple scooter!

Why the VW?

Image Credit: Instagram

Motivated by a desire to showcase his abilities and craft a captivating exhibit for automotive events, Walter embarked on the journey of crafting what he fondly refers to as the Volkspod. His inspiration arose from a wish to fashion a scooter tailored for VW exhibitions. This innovative project allowed him not only to repurpose the remaining fenders from his vehicle construction endeavors but also to refine his welding proficiencies by intricately joining delicate sheet metal panels from old Volkswagon Beetles.

Right from its inception, Walter diligently chronicled the evolution of the Volkspod on his Instagram account. Through a series of numerous engaging posts, he intricately unfolds the step-by-step genesis of these motorcycles, catering to the fervent motor enthusiasts eager to delve into the intricacies of their construction process.

Volkspod – Down to the Details

volkspod volkswagon beetle mini bike
Image Credit: Instagram

Not only do these bikes have the same bulbous shape that you’re used to seeing from the Volkswagon Beetle line, but they’ve got all the small details too. The classic Volkswagen crest can be found on the front of the bike, the step to help you get on, and the engine, too.

The Perfect “Round-Town Bike

volkspod volkswagon beetle mini bikes
Image Credit: Instagram

Though these little bikes may not be ideal for long trips or highway driving, they’re great for a short scoot into town. Picture yourself leisurely touring the neighborhood on a sunny day! If you want to learn more about this adorable mini-bike, you can follow along with Brent on his Instagram, walter_werks.

Fancy Building Your Own Volkswagon Beetle Mini Bike?

volkspod being built
Image Credit: Instagram

As an avid enthusiast of the volkswagon beetle, you might have wondered how you could attempt this DIY endeavor. However, there is quite a bit of precision cutting, intricate welding, and dedicated effort involved in crafting this mobility contraption.

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