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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
July 4, 2024 ·  3 min read

7 Signs a Relationship is Doomed From The Start

Relationships are really great… until they’re not. You may be experiencing what you think are subtle signs your relationship is over. The thing is, your relationship may have been doomed before it ever really began. Although we like to think that, early on, everything is wonderful in our relationship and then it just suddenly falls apart, the truth is that, sometimes, things were bad from the beginning, and we didn’t pay attention. If you’re wondering if you might have missed some signs and are now facing what could be the end of your relationship, read on:

1. You Were Critical Of Each Other From The Get-Go Of The Relationship

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Being overly critical of each other is a sign that a couple probably won’t work out long-term. If your partner is overly critical now, chances are they made little digs at you early on in the relationship. If criticism keeps rearing its ugly head, it’s likely that your relationship never really had a chance.

2. You Never Talked About Real Things

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Early in a relationship, it’s easy to talk about fun things like books, movies, travel, and dreamy ideas about life. However, the best couples also talk about real life. Discussing prior relationships, childhood, beliefs, and significant life experiences is crucial. If you never really got to know each other and never really talked about serious matters, your relationship may have been over before it really began.

3. You Hated How Aloof They Were During The Relationship

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In the early flirtation stages, aloofness can fuel interest. However, if a partner doesn’t make you feel special or seem genuinely interested, it’s unlikely to work out over time. If they cancel plans last minute or avoid getting to know you, it’s a sign that the relationship was probably just a ticking time bomb.

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4. The Sex Was Never That Good

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When you’re infatuated with someone, it’s easy to overlook disappointing sex. You might blame it on jitters or assume it will improve with time. However, if the passion wasn’t there initially and continues to be unsatisfactory despite efforts to improve it, the relationship was never going to be good.

5. You Mistook Fighting For Passion

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Relationships that start with intense arguments can be mistaken for passionate connections. However, constant fighting can easily spill over into actual conflict, which is detrimental to the connection. If early disagreements were misinterpreted as passion, it likely indicates that the relationship was problematic from the start.

6. You Wouldn’t Ever Be Friends Outside Your Relationship

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If you wouldn’t have chosen your partner as a friend before (or after) you were in a relationship, consider it dead before it started. Genuine friendships are based on mutual respect and liking each other’s company beyond romantic involvement. If you would never want to be their friend, the relationship never really had a chance.

7. You Ignored The Deal Breakers

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Ignoring deal breakers early on is a recipe for failure. Certain issues, like differing views on having children, are non-negotiable. Hoping someone will change their stance over time is unrealistic. If you overlooked fundamental incompatibilities, your relationship was always doomed to fail.

We all make mistakes, and sometimes, our mistakes involve not being able to see a relationship for what it truly is until we’ve already gotten pretty far into it. Not to worry, though. Finally realizing a connection isn’t for you just means you’ll create space in your life for the one that’s right for you at the right time.

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