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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
May 24, 2024 Β·  4 min read

Burger King Cook’s Remarkable 27-Year Journey to a $400K Home

Kevin Ford has worked at Harry Reid International Airport for almost 30 years. The man from Las Vegas works for HMSHost, a company that helps visitors find food and drinks. He started in 1995 and has worked at an airport in Cinnabon, a food bar called Frankly Gourmet, and now Burger King.

The 56-year-old worked at Burger King for 27 years and has never missed a day. He’s put in a lot of time but still had trouble making ends meet. He had back pain some days and couldn’t go home, even though people told him to. He was thinking about two things: paying his bills and caring for his two girls, whom he had taken custody of in the mid-1990s.

Kevin Ford with his daughters Serryna (L) and Xierra (R)
Image Credits: Kevin Ford

He would also work on his days off from the airport. To pay his bills, fill up his gas tank, and eat, he would make runs for 12 to 20 hours. In an interview with USA TODAY Ford said, “I was barely making rent here.” When he thought about how hard he’d worked at the airport and Burger King, he created a Tiktok video, which eventually went viral.

His daughter set up a GoFundMe page for him, raising over $458,000. This has helped him pay his bills and buy a home just outside Las Vegas. A man from Las Vegas got noticed after his 27th wedding anniversary at an airport restaurant. Ford said that before the COVID-19 pandemic, managers would celebrate work anniversaries by giving workers gifts like a keychain, a prize, or a gift card. But during the pandemic, managers stopped doing this.

More Than Just a Cake: Company Culture, Social Media, and a Family Reunited

My wife, who was my manager at the time, got me a cake and told me it was our anniversary,” he remembered. “After a few days, they brought me a goodie bag and gave it to me.” Some people have worked there for 30 or 35 years and haven’t gotten anything. I was glad to get that.

He told me that the company likes it when workers post about these kinds of things on social media, so I made a TikTok movie (see below) and shared it. A well-known social media user named Natasha got in touch with the family. His daughter Seryna helped her make a GoFundMe page and share it.


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The GoFundMe was set up in part so that people could help Ford, but there was another important reason for the campaign. It was too expensive for Ford to take a plane from Las Vegas to Texas to see his grandkids. He had enough money in the end to buy a plane ticket and a house.

From Single Dad to Family Man: Kevin Ford Builds a Future for Himself and His Daughters Through Burger King

Ford raised two girls with his second wife, and they later had two more girls together. He said, “We had a child and then we had another child.” “Yes, I was raising my kids by myself at first. I had to do what I had to do.” Seryna, his daughter, has seen her dad work hard all her life. He took care of her and her older sister when she was about three years old, she told USA TODAY Wednesday night.

Once I grow up, the most important thing I remember is that I should always keep going,” Seryna told USA TODAY. “He was always working when I was a kid.” She said, “He’s great.” He gave them everything they asked for and did everything he could to take care of them. His wife at the time was also her mom. She said she was great and did a lot for them.

Getting a house for himself was important to him because of his daughter. She just recently bought a house in Texas. She made him want to buy something that he could give to others or use himself. Ford has promised to marry a woman in the Philippines, and he can’t wait to show her the house.

He said, “We’re working on the visa and other things to get her over here.” “The house is nice.” It looks great. There is no one to my right. Only people are on the left.” Ford has only missed one day of work since Wednesday, and he had a good reason. He was onThe Today Show.

Ford not only bought a new house, but he also saved money for his children and his retirement. He bought a new car and paid off an old one. Kevin Ford at Nevada’s Burger King. He has worked there for 27 years and never missed a day until 2023. He said the only day he missed was something he had to do for a news source.

Ford said that the gifts saved his life and will never be the same. He said, “They really saved my life.” “Life has caught up with me.” I think everyone should save money for their kids and the future. They made my dream come true. “Tell them my story the next time someone says there’s no hope for people or love in the world.”

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