Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 6, 2024 ·  3 min read

Was John Cena’s Naked Appearance At Oscar’s Was a ‘Humiliation Ritual’ By Hollywood? Some Seem To Think So

Get ready, thrill-seekers in Hollywood: John Cena just pulled off the ultimate Oscar prank by taking the stage in his underwear! But hang onto your conspiracy theories because some internet detectives suspect a more dubious scheme than Cena’s portrayal of a Barbie mermaid.

Jimmy Kimmel, the evening’s master of ceremonies, established the tone by reminiscing about a streaker at the 1974 Academy Awards and setting the groundwork for an Oscar reprise. Then Cena appears from the wings, completely nude but with a trace of hesitancy, lending a touch of mystery to the humorous mix.

The DC actor was eventually enticed onto the stage by puppet master Kimmel, who skillfully maneuvered an envelope to show Cena’s toned body. That is what we refer to as a show-stopper! However, not everyone is chuckling, my dear readers. Here come the conspiracy theorists, spinning tales of ritualistic humiliation by the Illuminati and wondering if Cena’s hilarious antics are really the beginning of something bigger.

Credit: ABC

Hollywood’s Humiliation Hoax

Over the course of the last year, Cena has taken on several roles, or rather, none at all. He has appeared in a Barbie film as a mermaid and has entered the world of OnlyFans for his most recent film, Ricky Stanicky. Online investigators expressed outrage, claiming that Cena was engaging in a full-fledged Illuminati humiliation ritual. “John, was all that fame and fortune worth it?” they wondered.

Theories arose online like the web, claiming that Cena’s outrageous antics—which ranged from dressing like ladies to stripping on live television—were planned by Hollywood in order to forward the goals of the shadowy Illuminati. As one doubter put it, “You can no longer refute this. This is a ritual of Hollywood humiliation. John Cena was coerced into doing this during the Oscars! If you don’t think this is real, you’re wrong. You really have no idea.

But hold on, Cena is not the only victim of the Illuminati’s degrading network. Legendary guitarist Slash was caught in the conspiracy crossfire as well, having performed at the Oscars in what some saw as yet another strange ritual. Let’s now explain this Illuminati Humiliation Ritual in plain terms. Online rumors claim that celebrities participate in humiliating private or public “rituals” as a sacrifice to the higher forces in charge of their notoriety.

Even John Cena Is A Part Of The Illuminati??

Everything is connected to the Illuminati, the shadowy manipulators who are said to be pulling the strings, controlling a celebrity’s every action, and demanding these “humiliation rituals” in exchange for fame. A bit skeptical? Hold onto your skepticism, though, because this idea presupposes that every celebrity joke, oddball role, and awkward incident is a purposeful sacrifice to a supernatural being.

Let’s face it, though: not everything is a scheme by the Illuminati or a coded message. Sometimes a joke is simply a joke, and Cena’s sly Oscar antics are meant to make us laugh more than please covert organizations.

Cena, who has a physique that would make Michelangelo blush, most likely didn’t sleep much after his Oscar reveal. It’s acceptable for some people to dedicate themselves entirely to comedy. Therefore, it might be helpful to keep in mind that sometimes, even in the glamorous world of Hollywood, a chuckle is simply a laugh, even while internet theorists spin their elaborate web of Illuminati intrigue.

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