message in a bottle
Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
March 7, 2024 ·  2 min read

Couple makes dreadful discovery after finding what they thought was a ‘message in a bottle’

Many people think that leaving a message in a bottle at sea is so last-century. These days, there are many better, more accurate, and easier ways to communicate. However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that if you’re on the beach and happen to find a bottle that has washed up on the shore, you’ll probably feel a morbid curiosity that makes you want to open it and see what’s inside.

The message in a bottle
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Mystery on the Beach: Empty Bottle Holds More Than Sand

These two people did these things on a beach in Northern Queensland, Australia. When traveling couple Rick and Crystal (just over 550 followers on TikTok) found a bottle on the beach, they decided to try to get the note inside it. To do this, they dumped out a lot of what looked like sand. It became clear that the couple would not be able to get the message out of the bottle easily. So, they chose to read the first few words that they could see through the glass.

During this time, Rick and Crystal realized that the bottle held the ashes of a man named Geoffry who had died. For years after he died, the man seemed to want his ashes to travel the seas. The note also said, “If found, please throw bottle into outgoing tide so I can continue my journey.

Unfortunately, he ended up in the sand on an Australian beach, which many people who commented below the TikTok found both funny and shocking. Someone wrote, “You’d think they’d super glue the lid on,” and 16,000 people liked it. They were making fun of how easily Geoffry’s ashes were dumped into the sand without giving it much thought.

Whispers from the Sea: A Message in a Bottle’s Darker Side

Someone else helped me understand what the couple did next by saying, “Just put some sand back in there.” Put it back in. “Nobody will ever know.” When the original posters replied, “That’s exactly what I did,” they agreed. “They tried to get him all back in. I felt bad, bro.” People used to leave messages in bottles all the time, but now it’s not as common as it used to be. Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Dickens made it popular. Leaving a message in a bottle at sea was something that both men did, even though they lived and died in the 1800s.

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